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How to make oil on herbs (on a camomile and a calendula) - Gerbologiya 1\/6 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: medicinal properties grasses can be disclosed by a insisting on oils such oil is used for outdoor application for massage as part of different types of mushrooms and balm and Some herbs better instruct cold way and other hot and so way but Reutov one is cold the way it's great suitable for example for calendula if you working with fresh injury then fill the container to the top completely and if Dry grass is half and then
  • 00:30: fill vegetable oil sunflower olive almond any plant Mas with a wooden get rid sticks from air bubbles this will extend shelf life and prevent mold formation do not forget about stickers with the date preparations and names of plants I usually I write initial the date when the oil was cooked and about three weeks after that date, etc. are all very just leave our
  • 01:00: oil in the sun on sunny windowsill in the greenhouse just the sun is the most important thing about 3 to 6 weeks or until when you have grass field clear 2 method is a hot hot way to me very like use crock pot slow brand very convenient because that without any cost switched on all night in the morning can be ready use several oil immediately
  • 01:30: and look to then you it was put on the It is the smallest display only on August 12 hours the third method is very fast enough to We use fast a water bath at water bath here all just 200-grams dried herbs or 750 gram of fresh herbs on half liter vegetable oil cover with a lid if you have a look that the fire was
  • 02:00: small and reserve on fire for two or three hours and in the end We decant our oil can use gauze or if you want to colander anything you can even wooden spoon so overcome all not to the grass lose the past droplets precious oil such oils are stored will be about a year and I
  • 02:32: I advise you to use dark If the glass is, if you want to do super concentrated for example oil medicinal cream some you can the percentage of repeat ARISING feeds vegetable oil already use ready mass on trawl you made to this may even add some drops of essential oil this plant and the same is repeated process that's so simple easy easy very easy to hope
  • 03:02: this video you pleasant place thumbs up if liked Comment questions I'd be happy help to answer you had to act Nadia today and see you next video