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  • 00:00: So begins the first a lesson that we have before him we will need need newspaper tool can cut garlic or a office is you may be a pair of scissors You take what you convenient garments In addition, we I need to sleep visual longest desirable here I sleeps two with half a millimeter
  • 00:30: and finally we needed glue it can be pva adhesive, and it can be pencil holders in some cases it even better why I I'll explain it later and now proceed to work starts of course with training excess materials Kang will be a meta newspaper newspaper choose black-and-white and color worse
  • 01:00: pick up normal Standard hanging here this format first you I cut will cut into six parts and across the our 6 waterfall half and each half for another three part can mark il ruler pencil it does not necessarily because that we do not seek to High precision than cut It does not matter we will cut
  • 01:30: ordinary knife if someone is more convenient these scissors I cut with a knife means first mode but several layers it is desirable that the edges we were not smooth shaggy why well smoothed Of course you will still cut archer
  • 02:00: prepares its grip on if there is even less Now we each mate go too etc. this smoothing the folds cut
  • 02:40: well, yet for him who built here enough so many second half newspapers and not be cut Now we will We get such ancient newspaper band here but I strongly recommends using to cut in half
  • 03:11: I will explain, too, why legs following courses we add here so Now to one traffic and cut here we have one
  • 03:41: newspaper page respectively obtained strips 6 rather one headlines on from half sheet obtained strips 6 and that one turn turns 12 here such here strips means we do rassortiruem one on put strips white edge with fields draw something and separate strips
  • 04:14: text without white fitment and start cheat for this we need to sleep and Example sticking klyatyh We begin with white strips We leave disposal striped so that white box was
  • 04:46: we have the right If you are right handed if you it may be left-handed you prefer the other way around Braga left needle hand and the field also I have the snow so I will ask to do so and tunic it means disposal strip of newspaper needle put through the angle the lower left corner so that the angle between edge Russian and spokes
  • 05:18: It was small 20 degrees and 30 and here so this little corner is screwed onto the needle and begin the needle where the arms rotate twirling newspaper stripes and needle Now we have gone be wound field and all tube will White color We stayed a little corner
  • 05:49: to him as he was old all we remove the tube with spokes is such in we turned tube to secure more for once put a slight angle Bellini Kupalovsky wrap little corner spared on needle with both hands helping left hand
  • 06:19: clockwise rotating needle dokruchivaem yet remains Now of these strips fields have are obtained here are white circles, and you take a strip Styx then let's take
  • 06:49: Strips with text we We try to choose such party to have We here here here place the white margins It was less dark greyish black tuxedo and has winds wand from rim
  • 07:19: Here is such a dark Well here's an example here at we have such strip can be so you can arrange positioned like this Here we choose Of course that's this here the right side to be laid in We did not have the spoke Now that's dark this side of the strip similarly, we We choose not here this for the right side side to the exit we small text cheat
  • 07:49: Naturally we have to needles that will be here Wrong side so it should be laid so that the bottom to table and we turned we desired side Here are our tubes Well, let's at couple on the breast for strengthen skills
  • 08:19: you need an adhesive pencil to do it nothing less will dirty fish and staining tubes less will not these dyed strips, but also twisted texts
  • 08:51: These tubes are here is a standard their length is convenient work but some cases we longer needed tubes so they can be spliced they can be like this way to cultivate They look Thomsen turned over
  • 09:21: thinner than the first Here is a little bit the end of this extended will imperceptibly but we do work so you need to connect them and us connect them have in progress repeatedly we narrow dance and tube We will become a the other end of the tube this is now building ducts that's happened double barrel and well We will increase further
  • 09:54: once the narrow end lubricates the bit reception but not the end very end It should stay dry and solid then it is better pasted the second tube here and so little fastens Glinka here are obtained two miles barrels left to give me homework how to cheat more ducts but our the product will need
  • 10:26: we do not say better hundreds of but I recommend you strongly yet to buy as much as possible more than in the first and all you tube immediately will be obtained some will rejected any at some you yet no skill here will be broad funnel such tubes are not suitable some see terminates paper and so on so better to have a reserve albeit better will be extra than or not enough you work, you
  • 10:57: will tighten to do this means in Secondly you will such that the strip He does not win But without the dark here These hair is here Third is unsuccessful Still working hours skill while you you twist you want to develop into you do or do not want unconsciously develop skills gradually do it easy to quickly You will sit in front TV and twist
  • 11:28: paper rolls Of course you can take different not only I picked up a newspaper newspaper for example, so it is convenient and well but not total relaxation but a lot of it I talk to full course now us free introductory course All details will be a large high-grade course besides homework stock up on the second
  • 11:58: dyes lesson I I recommend purchase water dark stain any Rosewood can be possible could a possible ebony tree but it is desirable that it was dark marinka an inexpensive pleasure in liter bottle stain rubles worth 30 40 Mishin enemies more than 50 I do not think that the big range of prices so I you recommend
  • 12:28: buy a large marinka