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Pattern ENGLISH CUT ELASTIC BAND. Knitting by # 154 spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone we will knit with you English pattern elastic band 2 by 2 facial pattern side purl pattern very soft This pattern can be tie hats and scarves in general, everything you want description of the pattern I put on my blog reference look below this video for knitting patterns this English
  • 00:30: rubber bands we type number of loops multiple 2 I dial 14 loops we knit the first row edge removals and we bind and we knit 2 loops facial 2 purl and so on end of row 2 with facial 2 purl 2 facial 2 purl
  • 01:08: the last edge we knit the purl 2 rows edge loop we shoot on purl loop here has a nodule and this Facial hinges loops we knit in the following way tie the face loop from loops of the underlying series, then we get We knit a double loop that is, we
  • 01:38: capture the loop is not here not behind like but always something syudoy there is we bind from lower row of facial see more next facial and purl again facial knitting facial but only grabbing a loop from the tenderest series
  • 02:09: Facial front 2 purl and we knit till the end number of 2 purl Edge Edge third row we knit so the same as the first there is rapport repeat the proportion Meet two rows
  • 02:40: and the third row we repeat the edge remove and facial loops we knit facial 2 facial 2 purl 2 facial 2 purl to the end row edge purl third row 4 row knit as well as and the second edge
  • 03:10: we remove and we sew facial capturing a loop of them lying row 2 facial 2 purl 2 loops knit facial 2 purl as you can see the pattern is very simple and beautiful that's all 5 the row is knitted as well as
  • 03:43: first that is repeat we repeat Here is a pattern I get it you liked him somewhere apply tie something I have recently asked how a pattern can be linked the scarf is this a pattern can be linked on this all I wish all all the best Do not forget subscribe to my channel leave your comments and see you mine the following videos bye-bye all good luck