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  • 00:00: Hello dear I Arina and I'm glad welcome you to your channel today's video I I want to dedicate Express the makeup there is a daily make that done quickly for a maximum of 5 well 10 minutes today can fulfill that we have a little bit of longer because this is a demo video and I'll still along the way will be a little bit show some I use products
  • 00:30: and as I have them in our so let's start this makeup so take off glasses choose hair so get a little funny but it's nothing so we'll start with toning the face but before I tell you that Alice I moistened
  • 01:00: your day cream I am using now this I take a moment like this cream is black pearl day Now the person I moistened so that it not enough moist and Apply the tone cream here on the arm so I put cream Again tone it will show you Giordani gold from oriflame series all men oriflame
  • 01:30: cosmetics I do not really I love and respect Well This series giordani gold it They have a good so I sometimes she I use so take brush Brush application tonal basis in I'm here so she tip here and causes quickly and I gently begin But with these places usually applied smears gently and carefully
  • 02:03: We paint the area eye century and even now add quite a little bit of cream and We continue with you rovnenko application
  • 02:35: this brush with She pointed tip very convenient to us all-all-all about most ie cause foundation for all All of our locations person
  • 03:05: so be sure to neck all shaded ears, nose, around about lips again Walk because we have the tone face enough even par
  • 03:35: Now we are take all bronzer else can put your hands because we face It is darker than google is not good at Now I still have a tan Indian left but hands of what we often they are white
  • 04:05: so little gloss over then another I write down yabroud now! I hurry to it really was I am exposing and so the next picture Horse name brane but I have a pancake but I have already shown in one of his videos, you when he bought Good but not for that goals that have Now it will use and purpose at
  • 04:35: us and is sculpting you you know that's when I I was young and then we there was no such concepts we sculpting just cleaned roughness from the face applying foundation Rice then himself opened edge cilia do we arrows painted and pictured sponge but now a new Fashion trend make-up Now they dictate it skulpturiruem me like it very much and I
  • 05:05: There we also it is necessary to use Well of course with a neatness So I trust sculpting I take just such a brush and dial about but and we first first our business poscholkaem slope about it And so another in general he is the way there business such tricks
  • 05:36: These are the cars so if we have somewhere that we obtain from rude anything we then it all rastushuem end large brush here another area which is sculpture 10 years the have not even structured It may be obscured sculpting This overall process some blackout
  • 06:08: parts of the face and lightening others here is so presses Now darken with these sides I wish all next we
  • 06:38: we do with you Apply blush from it I'm here so warm and cool it Now, we will deal with you warm because I something for daytime makeup so I brush rouge more suited to giving the Mishna and here at apples smiling to denote apples and shaded cross do not do too
  • 07:15: near Knossos away of us have bosses too much why all this blend stomach a bit too much but we rastushuem with you this All this in the following We highlight this sit their it is possible to brush but cause me more
  • 07:46: Artist's wear a brush In general, this brush for shading shadows but they are not here in Express make-up here day but daily that I have not done quickly so here are a burden a brush I nanoshu highlighter here this bone - 7 here which of course our age is not necessary but I have to go too far is such that I I really overdid like when a person
  • 08:16: well lit but I I think that in the process I learn life use it as that there is not a lot and there was little so here is the place to beard and always Now it's everywhere but Cheka nose Now we are large brush Now all this
  • 08:46: blend very large brush me there is the greatest here so now all this really the next thing we
  • 09:23: you do this, we draw our edge I I use here such pencil on lumene I I am looking for. so he a gray brown under Now he blondes well suited for I need this wear glasses so we brush
  • 09:53: our little brushing and start draw well, maybe you know already held drawing eyebrows so say like this vertically from the nose up when it's at we will 1. through the pupil is we the highest point and that's how this is our end eyebrows here and so if fast enough determine razmerchik first I
  • 10:23: I draw an average then line the bottom and top then draw the tail glasses is not very convenient do it but I no other series a then here we are here vertical
  • 10:53: small dashes We do here this here eyebrow body legalize just as we do and right eyebrow so at first draws the middle line that is given direction down upper tail and is made here this
  • 11:25: the front part is not so well we eyebrows little you which indicates the to eyelashes eyelashes I I bought just such a mascara is from Avon but I bought is not very respect for cosmetics Avon treat her really about treasures indifferently well, just I got it brown mascara and I
  • 11:55: Newt bought because it brown I generally like such make it not to boas and well, but enough so I do not even know how but does not define contrast say tanka there is a bright black eyelashes bright red lips, as it were not my
  • 12:27: although option other people I I like it here like to see what escaped brown light pink without glasses colors not It can be very difficult say I painted Now eyelashes too Well this is it as much as we expert
  • 12:59: everything is done quickly move on to run the result will put points see what we Now it so happened Here is a pencil white is pink or beige is pencil which we obscures paint over water lower eyelid line perhaps I will it
  • 13:30: probably to do spectacles Well, something like a little designated as the pencil very I need a very good I used to use black spot crayon painted over This lower eyelid but
  • 14:00: Now something completely does not fit bosses and in general here even if you know it make-up, as it were so tired by the end of the day, and you still somewhere to go renew makeup you can not then at least you can here refresh here this line water line this pencil and a few strokes it wise to correct blush and we immediately makeup directly on becomes more Fresh from the following We still have our
  • 14:33: lips so I want more a little bit the shade that my again so well, that remained our clubs we club draw pencil glasses which accurate contour Now this I
  • 15:04: pencil and from we hold the line I try not to have behind natural natural contour of the lips unless absolutely a little bit even if the lips are narrow
  • 15:34: how I have become a years the increasing them so when we lead loop contour line for natural line lips you will not achieves the desired result so if God has not given us a loaf is better than no to draw with a pencil do more plump calendar but it's my opinion of the carcass
  • 16:15: pencil the surface of our lips that we are well main or close so now we mapped
  • 16:55: lipstick lipstick I I choose this to Today, all you can simply shine is such to me today I thought I would be lipstick you can still top add a little and you're probably not worth it
  • 17:26: I like to add slightly close Well, I think of it I want to be more than show you here this here brush very interesting brush for abu this is how it opens network has such feature it here can be painted lips so close so we are almost
  • 17:57: I am willing to stay still one small detail clothe and earrings can be hit the road Another serezhechka we are with you
  • 18:35: stop beauty until we meet again on th tuba always rejoice