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  • 00:00: Hello everyone todayare we going to do salt is veryvery tasty fat the fat in the Bank salt fat is really very tasty easily done and let's try that try notregret it we need the veryfat - slice 3 - 4 cloves of garlic allspice,black pepper and a bit of coriander I always add coriandera little bit coriander powder and peas
  • 00:31: Bay leaf, salt, water take about 500 - 600 milliliters of water this is for quart jar add 3 to 4 tablespoons of salt fat in a lot of salt will not take so I pour 4 tablespoons add
  • 01:07: 5 coriander seeds, 2 grains allspice, some grains of black pepper and a little ground black pepper and a pinch of coriander coriander can be added, but it tastes better.
  • 01:38: and add 1 Bay leaf you can use dried, I use fresh,green. As it is growing on my windowsill, and it is more aromatic. here is a Laurel tree therefore it is easier for me it is enough to take and tear off the leaf fresh turnsmuch tastier
  • 02:08: you can also add a pinch of Svan mixture Svan mix I like too wait when the water boils meanwhile chop the bacon cut the fat into small pieces and garlic
  • 02:39: and now it's all we put in a jar on the bottom is a little bit of garlic and then stackedour fat well, we put ourfat in a jar fat was 600 grams it was a little bit little I usually Lodge more the brine has boiled and here's a little trick: immediately pour hot! you can pour cold, then the fat will pray
  • 03:13: about 7 days but I triedpour the hot and I liked it so muchmore. Its taste even better. Do not say, that cold water is worse it's just different. We liked it more. And salted it much faster a day lateryou can eat. The day after tomorrow canthere
  • 03:44: try with a spoonhere below, this pepper to choose to we all left in a jar of fat. All, fill the jar with brine and close cover And the day after our baconready. and in our fat canadd 1 teaa spoonful of sugar then it will be
  • 04:15: even bettertry not regret it very verydelicious all all the while.Next time we will to smoke the bacon.