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  • 00:00: Hello again we live the positives I am pleased to present you Dmitry our super Master golden hands bright white head stone and the zones behind the scenes I denis so we now this video we want introduce you polishing process cars and concrete removal defects such as scratches here while I I was on vacation the car stood at the
  • 00:30: home is all of us known this colored focus on They made us two scratch one's this but probably even when and cling Michael become in the direction we're shooting secret Video's second slightly smaller element rear fender
  • 01:00: for March 2 for how much we I will remove the scratch it will make 10 movements and nazhdachku look not think that it happens so fast ten half do not even
  • 01:31: the amount of work in which want after here all so you can go thank you beautiful
  • 02:06: Chernenkaya gum I can discover the secret how to achieve so black I Now take toothpaste first abrasive paste 3 on such Take a good Lent does mean left thumb definitely yes here such movement is taken
  • 02:30: no take in tree nipples polishing is very hard very thick highly polished
  • 03:19: take on a napkin color pattern if zapfino no drawing the napkins taken under the color of the car transparent
  • 03:36: Next we scratch do here such movement fun merry merry post polishing
  • 04:23: then how many goals grant oh, how often we see on the the streets of Arkhangelsk and the machine in such a
  • 04:30: state they polished yet But in these here divorce wonderful gained as It called Dmitry hologram site a hologram and without any holograms it is necessary to walk again once again about to become fix the result
  • 05:27: already seen that after
  • 05:30: first a scratching post cleared perfectly cleared remains only hologram known This photoshop while but there is usually very deep place or we take another post
  • 06:02: softer found I do not blame everything candles Vat extra fine yellow cap but himself
  • 06:34: here this is not the car try Dima is the price mitac you cook finds ready repaired today ready to do here for the have a look here
  • 07:06: and black necessarily We use the post here is a hologram yes it is anti holograms firms do not min grain German only
  • 08:15: and seraph no
  • 08:33: But if the bumper compare It can be seen that there is no conti holograms and bumper here is not a bit bring back becomes post here seen the sun and all to consider it
  • 09:00: polishing machine ICQ June 30 fully let and under protected by that 30 June, it happened a bad condition state close by the way already are carrying many deep scratches and the violation found my yes bend grind I'm so positive the author another date