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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I want to tell you how undeservedly forgotten these are the old ones TVs that look like a wardrobe them practically no one uses the You can buy for 500 rubles some for nothing they give not good quality because the glare from light bulbs from workshop I this TV using the workshop sometimes there is the possibility of one
  • 00:30: eye to watch a movie or just like TV now has long been common digital set-top boxes which are large box they are the same player model removed to new 15 year around 1000 now can
  • 01:01: rose in price reads a lot of formats and plays a bunch carriers now connected me registrar to navigator which he same player and how flash-card I use it here it now sees this player as moving to all files
  • 01:32: naturally reproduces only pictures and video mp3 but displays the folder all turn off the carrier is included card reader card usually since here y us wrote that the device is deleted by new access choose a movie and we
  • 02:04: see here are two films identified from a card that is read from USB flash drive with phone from any very much understand winchester connected computer also sees everything well naturally reproduces only those formats to which there was a TV set that stood under the ejection there are nests here
  • 02:37: from Soviet times such record output input I wanted to deduce here it was uncomfortable I picked up a a nest from some old is the background when spline hey jack on second end, two conventional tip connected all watch this TV before me it is convenient was to use because here these here buttons settings now
  • 03:07: thanks to this consoles you can look in good quality digital TV plus we have a remote control which we switch Do not go wrong volume does not regulate not channel toggle just turned on the mode avaya if such a button if directly deduce that everything is with us it turns out TV and player turn on starts you can
  • 03:37: see what the second life is old TV