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  • 00:00: today we pear cake in caramel dough for this pie we we will make the most simple one and a half packs conventional cookies and 150
  • 00:31: gram of melted butter for caramels to us need 150 grams sugar 2 eggs 30 grams of chocolate I took in half the black and brown because that black gives color but interrupts the taste caramel but the brown ones are simple not enough not enough color gives therefore I I prefer to take mixture is also us need 200 milliliters of cream 50 milliliters of water
  • 01:01: a pinch of salt and the couple are sad stuffing We do a very mug milled cookie add butter good stir our dough is ready we going to bake here we add
  • 01:31: pours the dough and evenly distribute it to bottom and along the sides of the mold so that we have a layer as much as possible uniform help yourself a cup with flat bottom
  • 02:03: than we have a more even the bottom of the topics at the congress the pie will look like naturally spectacular finished ready-made dough for at least 10 minutes a more precisely for all that time how are you ready caramel choose fridge for caramel we are 50 milliliters of water pour into a saucepan with fairly thick bottom including a weak fire here add 150 grams sugar and stirring gives
  • 02:33: begin to melt and we wait when it will be the first caramel color begins to appear beautiful golden we subtract the tint Fire add here and mix until as long as candied sugar sorry for tautology is not will melt at the same time, you can
  • 03:06: add salt here sugar we have remove collapse fire with fire gives caramels a little cool down like we do caramels a little cooled to 60 degrees Celsius add here chocolate and chocolate to us need very good
  • 03:36: stir to the mass was homogeneous and smooth while we stir and chocolate with us caramels have cooled already we can safely touch with your hands this suggests that we can add here they are not eggs we are adding and mix preferably with a spoon so that excess air did not get to have us then with baking weight is not strong rose though she
  • 04:07: does not matter of course to share to hedge that do not whisk them corolla a stir with a spoon and meaning and vymeshivaem up to homogeneity All we got smooth homogeneous chocolate caramel ready to move side and adapter Build the city to finish our frozen pie we add sliced pears can be burned
  • 04:39: and fill it all caramel and bake will be preheated to 160 degree oven will take it from us about 40 minutes I baked a pie 40 it's fair to say when you peck you can see first starts rise then when he raises middle means it
  • 05:09: that the pie is already soaked it can be get caramel in this pies are gentle as souffle can I have a pie cold and hot honestly say for me generally the word caramel this is a victory if she's chocolate here probably just I triumph very much I recommend try out pleasant to you appetite