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  • 00:00: Good day today we are going to do necklaces I'm found a very beautiful circuit Embroidery is Richelieu embroidery and so we will make use of the scheme for guilloche in order to make a necklace we need an atlas it is a little bit I was slightly nazhelatinennoy piece literally here so small that he was part of our clean to figure this will our products is our top
  • 00:30: part then will be here under her to lie here such an adhesive glue an adhesive so so so piece of cloth and downside is such plashchevaya Synthetic she was such bilateral with one hand in my silver other side so dense black plaschevka but in principle it is possible any any tissue and synthetic
  • 01:01: used as that it was Now double-double for what I use namely Adhesive because I want that's stuck well we basis to white base to black but again it does not necessarily start working We are working on a table with highlighting that the same He knows the water use here such soldering iron on me 10 under glass lies
  • 01:31: So on the glass we put our scheme on top of a piece of fabric again it me little gelatin us and it is quite so dense simply with such with the very fabric work well with soldering iron so I or take so We begin to develop a trace of cloth as if we draw
  • 02:01: ordinary pencil completely encircle the whole picture on the edge We are doing enough confidently inside there is nothing
  • 02:33: not to burn through Now new year days so soon maybe we just like necklace can well decorate some your dress
  • 03:03: now we are the same do only the outer edge of all of these old from the bottom
  • 03:33: Now part of the cut the same cut on top again We do it enough confident when some have fragments. 3 hanging not that it general is not so dangerous the main thing is not too much cut inside here that way
  • 04:03: Now we've got we take and cut all that is in Sretenke We try again do it enough confidently star
  • 04:41: although you can need to tell you that It is not necessarily I cut out all the why I tell you now because when we We put him on one part Here's another of these krugleshochki is that inside they can be immediately cut just not at all
  • 05:16: black will shine through understand why some parts fragments can be Now cut any it is possible to cut the already later children smaller portions Breeden we do not we will touch my will do big enough
  • 05:46: inside were with so all together mode so this hell a place perhaps we and put some such perhaps circles
  • 06:22: So, too, will leave here we probably cut out like this to just note where We must be the place connections because when we put black today black, we can not illuminated work as all black with not backlit
  • 06:53: you will work not black shines so we will do it as would be to the eye Well, that's here too some streets
  • 07:25: will do here So perhaps all the more nothing here will not Now we do with it off our can, and I
  • 07:56: I show that we should get here about that we must happen Now I look yet Yet something is necessary cut in these places just do not seen roses is not visible
  • 08:26: where we were that we should cut so it is in this side and here here here
  • 08:56: he, too, So although some stuff 60 that there is a draw and more will
  • 09:30: Only home cut we cut a little more volume I am here today still less their's Well quite enough it is now the go we will be here to work so we put first our black-and-black
  • 10:01: site then it adhesive mites and now it and here so on the body happiness light is turned on because we are
  • 10:33: will be working stronger adhesive tape, we put down so way because we need to make our our leaders do not
  • 11:06: shone here adhesive tape so Getting Started our task is to weld our our white part Black's such strokes welds the whole basis
  • 11:39: again we do everything confidently as though we
  • 12:18: sewn on a typewriter before zigzag and we would let me buy turn off the backlight here about such a framework a necklace turned Now our task fully walk on on the basis of the highlight seen every every part
  • 12:48: each side to do here this here our work more of this beautiful edge here make such dots each leaf's highlight see here midway, too, need distinguish
  • 13:18: walk this way just make such and dots around the edge and and within each leaf I lived every point each as if looms like this
  • 13:49: here gum lepestochek should Is there too Petal he should so we go straight at the wire inside it can also be allocate look appearance already You see me as a it becomes interesting possible to make here
  • 14:20: there's such cutouts see right now, I I show you here and so here it's required also make the cut there is now your fantasy begins work here deliver such points you can even them how to do more
  • 14:52: stamens slightly raising work like that went farther here is gum
  • 15:28: this our our flower so here here such here squiggle tire go there kruglyashok Now I endured here and make your
  • 16:00: so beautiful happened see it here too round pot We make small went on for the outer edge here petal yes that is here further
  • 16:31: this is now the work is as if art work is just just as we colorable exactly also we are about here We select all she is This compound is also
  • 17:02: here a little grasp a completely different kind of after becoming how this it becomes more beautiful impression as a if it is done of wood to burning wood really reminds here kruglyashok deeper raise
  • 17:42: brush Do Now here you see the same not Torez petal open so now
  • 18:14: yet The clearer will Scroll to each the petal will better like this way we do all fully necklace in I have finished form
  • 18:45: Now it will show