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  • 00:11: Hello dear Friends today we you will continue chain today days notice and so applique cat Kitty will knit it very fit easily is nothing complicated this is not a, and so on
  • 00:32: take the chain of stitches 1 2 3 4 aerial loops and one loop per rotation our and the knit columns with sc the opposite direction again two three 4 column
  • 01:04: their last loop where we knit the last four column knit three column without nakida January 2 3 and now knit here bollards has just one two three
  • 01:32: three columns are now Here in the extreme loop knit 3 column without for sc rounding times two ie knit three oval such goods and go the opposite direction 1 2 3
  • 02:06: 44 column is already here our broader ovalchik so May 2 so will add 1 do 2 columns in the second 2 again, the column and then run straight
  • 02:31: 1 2 3 and 4 column here we again turn so knit 1 of the hinge pillar 1 2 2 next 52 times
  • 03:01: and the next again columns for which always look to you have turned rovnenky ovalchik so if you suddenly You have a different thread maybe you have your need any more adding to do just look like behaves canvas the essay will have add more columns to round knit reversed It is already too
  • 03:30: see if you like little associate member kitten date possible example in this stage finish and already ears but I do I make them bigger so I see more another circle knit Here again I I came to the consolidation if I just Knit columns have it me with stretches so here sure do the addition of the day for group so I did not here once in a
  • 04:01: He contacted by two column 2 1 2 column third knitting 2 column and probably for the fourth time to my well-rounded the edge always look how behaves fabric knitting is here such harsh rules of knitting so I say that
  • 04:30: a creative process always see the behavior fabric itself and where can be corrected and that you can add or subtract since we approached the edge here I'll start without clothes come to the most extreme eyelets I went to the very extreme loops it is almost at the level of It should open oval
  • 05:02: and should be We climb one air loop and knit in the opposite side bars so clear cedar make bars without sc m here right went to the pillar 1 just to take
  • 05:30: abalone were more such beautiful We rise and knit column 1 February and reverse side will rise to air loop and there is simply connect to the eyelet to shape fly eyelet not connect
  • 06:00: loops and finished this bird you It happened but we are not now with the other sides not hide wheelbarrow
  • 06:33: as one ear, we ready if they take thin thread that perhaps more Disabilities need to be here Now do both take part too extreme loop here introduced the work thread Climb one air loop and knit bars again
  • 07:02: two so you have enough 2 No one else Avila column simply look to where evil drying should settle we rise to the air loop and 1 column on just connecting to add a spoon shape
  • 07:31: opposite direction and Track all times ready so look Get a Girlfriend fine and well It remains only formalize the whole thing arrange embroidery if you have on buttons and beads which you can sew them if no then we have
  • 08:01: not . I embroider it all a business all based in our is now ready to stitch and loans clearly sims club take the lower part the original series Our straight down
  • 08:30: I need some stitches in the tag will We need 2-3 Stitch do whichever you have no thickness. we had a bright expressed her mouth this api. and anchoring
  • 09:07: Now cut off the excess eyes and ears if I have He said beads Do just sew beads them and hsien here at stress estrus and noesh
  • 09:35: so we will have eyes at our our first series typesetting on this level so do uzelochki Here I am on pins and needles I wound a few times thread if so 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 10:03: it will be enough despite how big or There is a small knot very large eyes and small here and stretches across all These winding our thread and tighten to tighten tokuyut uzelochek and turned pro board author has a hole you need to pull it
  • 10:31: fix it jumped and downloaded the icons I It was not enough good and they need us to fix it's all about anchoring glazik all in place
  • 11:02: Now as soon as possible do not taking thread loaders the edge of the lugs 1 Rusik at January 1 series here and affairs and because that's not for me. thick If the thin thread can be 2 to 2 ranks not propyl do
  • 11:35: one tendril Roic and the last third, we have We will not pull out needle to go here second glazik right will fasten thread behind
  • 12:04: distribute and fasten thread go to second glazik diagnosis It must be somewhere in the level here and makes the second glazik again we wind the thread on needle
  • 12:36: We make a bundle so did 2 cases and same hole
  • 13:01: take out anchoring glazik and immediately do a second but a number of antennae and sit down here we have nicely right picked up her thread that we delayed on the cutie
  • 13:31: I few times I I reach out and tightened and now the second antenna den second and third just a few stitches
  • 14:00: seen and yet mustache finished consolidate and stayed only bow all this with muzzles We are now finished left bow make to we collect a chain of stitches on
  • 14:30: Your One bow with just look how he will wide hp the width of the eye I have another air loop to do I turn around and knit as my valchik first knitting 1 faces just knit bow went into one side
  • 15:00: columns, without sc Basically here, too, we need to wrap up It will be one loop more columns to turn in opposite direction and we have enough for 2 rows all on this side This bow our sip remains Only his plyashi fix to give
  • 15:30: shape does not end bow and my shoulders. so everything is now left to sew
  • 16:04: We sew the same color strings for attach one We will give it the shape of the bow and Atum there are several stitches with just pull himself on the bow cat on ears on abalone well reach me. and now in the opposite
  • 16:31: side and call but we We pick up a bow An intermediate then here we receive loop of herring and then I have them because we I turned in a bow a few stitches can be done to have secure
  • 17:04: can be another stitch just look at us crafty plump this part want do whatever is such kitty we It turned out to have fun bow anchoring thread and at the same time we finished our applications that It can be used to Knits can be
  • 17:31: steal or bag you can decorate it principle, that is, extra hinge rods and I hope you all had clear and goodbye until the next meeting