Flowers from kapron. A master class for beginners.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: determined with length our flower stalk manner wire so he was not someone I wire I take two I drive in and take swing the
  • 00:30: two centimeters here Here I cover I swing the thicker and here is our our typo clocked centimeters
  • 01:11: two just grieve stretch date twirl before the end of lubricates the tip pva glue and sprinkle with a mixture of ginger monkey can
  • 01:44: mixture monkey turmeric and turmeric but I already eaten let the lies we dry up until it twist the petals I take a pencil and a it small petals weep petals peak
  • 02:26: 4 blanks slowly stuff one flower take kapone insert into our zagotovochku and good tightens down back to front the solution is clear for mat
  • 02:59: it is under the mat min. neatly
  • 03:29: cut off here is our lepestochek ready so now take dried up already Our stamen and pistil I do not know how to and now substitute petals and important
  • 03:59: primatyvaem their a
  • 04:33: a These fly
  • 05:36: cork too little crooked the and now and take swathes of our tape floral And I'll still end
  • 06:45: that was the blunt end himself turned back
  • 07:20: petals we have to do 200 take the wire wrapped with tape adhesive to the end both fell
  • 08:07: here on the tip of something we have not It turned Korea know a little tip which finished We put a ribbon in the middle where the glue is tacky and top cover with
  • 08:37: get two fish and parts within us I just take a which wrap torsion times blown off scissors squeezed
  • 09:08: I was a little hero in our It turns out he stuck and the tip cut off made two leaf and
  • 09:41: between a just I curl them and stem from the will tightly he has 3 branches your bouquet coming off