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  • 00:01: All the good time the day my name is the wild and I wanted you show this time I see a show you compressor compressor vehicle painting garage conditions so to speak low-budget compressor and as I fashioned time
  • 00:31: I got in an accident that's how to be extremely I need financial Drugs which as usual missing and that gave me inflammation of the brain by this occasion look all very just what we need take to build so let us say low-budget compressor take conventional wheel without
  • 01:01: cameras to your accent attention that the wheel should be without comet and take forging better Stamping because in casting harder you drill hole will that do take I drilled another hole of the same diameter how as well as the staff 2 for mounting with ska this is the first where the nipple
  • 01:32: will be supplied air from the compressor there standing there means nippy here it is he alone on two nipples he stands here take regular automobile compressor Here it is advisable not to a little like me at the moment little bit more because it does not enough for us painting but once reservation that fully machine pour paint is not
  • 02:01: succeed and such details such as wing bumper door as if I painting I painted two wing means 2 here go on then with that we understand here we should Nipple here we We provide the air with compressor with this with ska we feeding air to paint gun It is also worth but without regular nipple
  • 02:32: nipple that I took I took an ordinary tube but how many there centimeters must 7, it is in our the role of the adapter two clamps are tightened It means to me side nipple with the other hand Now that the hose does not become nothing so cut as it is such as Now let and put all
  • 03:01: unusual ordinary paint gun to the well in hose store miracle rubles 500 with all this set completely well, actually all pump up a tire somewhere to 4 4 half of 4 to 5 probably atmospheres and the principle of all
  • 03:33: you can safely paint subscribe to my Channel place husky you'll see a lot of interesting things to you been running all a good