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  • 00:00: ignorance of law power lead catastrophe so said our dear specialist Meet dietitian Marina Studenikina people heroine came here with their recipes We have here with Genady Petrovich somehow here this salad with beans they do it to us as a little heavy
  • 00:30: maybe you have it Try and tell us your opinion, you can Is it from sticks Baku Thanks to the fact basically good combination of protein vegetables, but there are even a product like whose facade It does not contain only protein but also starch or how we We called complex carbohydrates and by principles a separate power supply Carbohydrates are not combined with the beat
  • 01:00: combo salt to remove it even excommunicated products is right or Still the man I need some get bakery items imitations I I think that it is not bread that the department on bread that is both typically when you begin to ask in patients with than eat the usual age of the bread put sausage bread, cheese and put when a person selects some bread
  • 01:31: in fact, together with the bread pudding leaves It takes away the fat which does not contain, and total cereal needs to our health be sure to remove them of their diet on his wrong and in no the case should not be removed blackthorn from the diet because they do not only source slow carbs but they still are the source of many vitamins and better stick such a rule by day very active during the day and
  • 02:01: We need energy and This glucose carbohydrates energy so the first half recommended eat foods containing carbohydrates Now all kinds of porridge we eat the fruit sweet bread we eat yes absolutely right in the second half the day we rest, we recover why we need proteins are are construction material better that it was not fat proteins it is possible to some make steam there do not know how to sculpt
  • 02:31: meat fish completely h there is a hall and we are faithful exactly vegetables, they have this trick they create a sense of saturation weight caloric ie they are very low calorie but This is very good cheat hunger first sit well then Grade 5. if We develop stomach and people used for once there is a lot sure that the
  • 03:01: small portion of once she reassure people he will still be want to start eating often eat well small portions living as they have muscle structure and he just pulled and when you have eat and experience a feeling of fullness so how to start and dovezla Alain way and then already receiving pleasure there is a perception that without