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MONDAY. The MENU for weight reduction.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Tomorrow Monday is a The following give brent And I do like 6200 grams cooked on 0 3 percent milk fat it can also save half a banana half apple in a glass of milk or yogurt, choose the that you have to go to a cup of tea or coffee without milk and two-thirds of the sugar chaotic carrot as the second end Object consists of three courses
  • 00:31: oscillations at the first stage the first stage acquainted house as well as to prepare a reference does not check the ministry does not use them to Sergei Products Do not use local channels limited Exchange is a hundred grams as a mother or if the critics what you love opened business buckwheat 200 grams is usually price any fresh vegetables and tomorrow the presence of gun oil
  • 01:01: slice of wholemeal of bread of 59 years tea without sugar and milk for coffee in the afternoon, treat yourself to fresh fruit and berries and sculpt in several of his milk or yogurt today imposed Day here is a great dish after charging recipe to take to the stage drink it 30 grams of corn bread and a glass of low-fat
  • 01:32: here is a cube before going to sleep in the day you can afford Statement fruit or herbal tea without They found sugar 3 bread pink salt such as the risk to help grease August 2 km and I suggest you take advantage of my cooking recipe exclusively Kremlin play curd synochku police on mandatory text and as well, such as fruit half pear and an apple and half