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"Трюфельное" cookies;  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I'll make cookies wine color and 25 grams of butter room oil temperature Stir July 10 grams add sugar one egg room temperature and Thoroughly mix 80 grams of sifted flour 25g cocoa powder
  • 00:30: a pinch of salt floor tsp baking powder well I mix the two middle mixture and optionally I add one teaspoon spoon orange peel dough obtained sticky enough fatty food film
  • 01:02: and put in refrigerator for one hour I separated from the dough small piece I will form a ball a diameter of two and a half three centimeter about kata in the sugar powder and put on greaseproof paper preheated 200
  • 01:36: degree oven I put on a baking tray average level, and bake 10 cookies best stored in a closed containers and much more tastes better the next day subscribe Like channel to place
  • 02:06: and write comments share with friends you half Podolyan on the channel and I remained