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How to make a rose of paper by means of a spoon  See details »




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  • 00:00: Today, I would like to show you how made of paper you such here wonderful flowers roses you You can use decor can use for example, even for table decoration on holiday
  • 00:31: is a technique that I you want to show it It allows you to quickly make a lot at once but the colors in front of you 10 colors you can on this technique to make 50 colors all at once very simple fast you do not need will work on each individual or Do not care to sand give him his form all very quickly for this technology we do flowers in our studio There is one caveat though for this technique
  • 01:02: only suitable Thai mulberry paper is unfortunately more than any other Paper does not fit and Thai here in the paper you can including purchase from us and or in any other shops and you these flowers cost much much cheaper if you will do yourself than if you're somewhere buy these flowers some shop already ready-made, and so we need you
  • 01:32: to work with us so you will need bowl with water probably clean water common tea a spoon Further we are with you need cut to pes point cut from mulberry paper I He took as based on conventional cinquefoil normal flower you can draw on independently can be found in Internet brand
  • 02:02: does not matter 6 may even be I petals Again yes you can take a flower with six petals and one rose to you and me need four these flowers again two three four times thus we 5 will centimeters diameter of 5 centimeters and still we is such a need Here is a pillow pad can be
  • 02:34: simply folded such as towel how can I have a rubber pad all anything important that she was sufficiently soft and so we are do but above all we moisten our petals in water note that in your paper she there is Wrong Wrong side side of the country to which can be seen small cell as the paper
  • 03:05: done by hand dry on the grid this is seen and mesh we need to do so Wrong to party was here Here's the top there is the reverse side of the top We moisten the petals note that here we are now 12 petals so we soon you'll make three flowers can be more but it is better not to take more than four flower case it's easier three or four flower It can be done in 1 and
  • 03:35: what we are now doing we put it all affairs on the ball seamy side up and now we very ordinary spoon start shape our lepestochek all that we Keep it simple strongly press on Petal and hold to center and thus way we have in the first lepestochek
  • 04:07: It takes shape Secondly here here formed streaks characteristic of living colors exactly the same as that of the fresh flowers and extend such way for all petals if there is the need can be for some the petals of the second walk around
  • 04:37: all we have formed petals and now to put them can be dried on the the sun set can be left on and night after petals completely we will start to dry out you build so our petals dried up as we formed immediately several colors is We need
  • 05:07: separate the petals from each other when will separate the starting from midway then the tab is not will be torn middle, and not with outside and Now we begin to shape flower for himself to form one rosette us you need Four here such here flower bulb is the ball can be of
  • 05:38: foam like me in this case You can roll the ball paper foil with anything and glue gun and so we We start with you Flower for assembly I start glue the ball to the middle, and Now we need to completely close this ball if you Flower consists of six petals you take two opposing and use them to
  • 06:08: to close ball as we five petals I I take this one's some of these petals nanoshu glue to the ball and here on this lepestochek Now we are with you must be closed such a turret close ball turret is such
  • 06:38: machine turned and now these three Petal we have base grease adhesive drop by drop literally to apply and close together forming a bud from Based on a thorough
  • 07:08: presses and bud he himself formed and here is this turned bud further take the next flower we coat it with glue I put glue in the form of circle and in the middle the center put point and then all that need is just take a bud and put it clearly the center of all all the petals
  • 07:38: close though try to close so that the petals came one of other allowing to achieve more naturalness like this again and carefully as sizing here presses for antipriz May at the base so here are the top Raval
  • 08:09: in this way bud it you you can use also in the decor but we you will continue we are still left Two flower which We also now but glue we stick them on the contrary it will there before we thus glued flowers Our pick rosettes now we need to turn over the proceeds We do it for the same most promazyvayut
  • 08:39: glue I also do a circle and dot in the center and glue again the petals all at once it is important to first arrange flower clearly the center of our bud and the old well good press because
  • 09:09: that if the press the bad thing petals go forth and will be visible glue and take last flower the same glue on middle of the circle and the last row we put the petals so that it was like would be between the petals previous row that's between here these petals and
  • 09:41: The following tabs and same good well all presses here in the paper is very It holds its shape well so do not be afraid that you remember all then flowered You can spread All our Shanker I can cook and Now use decor scrapbooking You can even make from her hairpin I
  • 10:11: to assemble a rose go somewhere minute and a half and thus for very small time interval It can be assembled very many colors I wish you great success and all the best to you was a penny