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  • 00:00: hello today we'll consider knitting circle from columns without sc start this knitting It can be different
  • 00:30: for example we are We do as always a first loop and knit 3 Air loop 1 2 3 then we close knitting in the ring and Now we do a loop lifting and in our three air hinges provyazyvaem 6 columns without sc ie 2 columns in each loop
  • 01:01: two first two in the second and Feb. 3 then we close
  • 01:39: knitting a ring with assistance connection column and continue knitting circle this method is not always convenient since it provyazyvaniya get small peas, and if we we do not need start knitting the other way to do again the first loop like this
  • 02:19: 6 and type air loops February 3 4 5 6 closable knitting ring and then inside the circle, we you need to knit 12 bars without sc naturally We make a loop lift and 1 when provyazyvaem that we first
  • 02:51: lifting loop will considered for 1 column ie, without sc it turns 2-4 5 678 9
  • 03:26: 10 11 and 12 then we again closable knitting Ring in our first loop using connection column and continue on circular knitting
  • 03:58: this method is not suitable if you do not I need a hole in the center of the circle if you to associate the beginning tight and look at the third way of again we do first loop but we do not delaying ring and We do the first noose
  • 04:29: lift and it is not tightened and the ring provyazyvaem 6 columns without sc and it turns 3 that is, we with you we do ring amigurumi or sliding loop 4 5 and 6 then just tighten knitting
  • 04:59: and provyazyvaem coupling loop in the first column with a dense knitting it may not be very simple like this then we are
  • 05:29: We continue to knit on I prefer to circle this is the way to therefore we continue to using it again We make a loop lift we remember that we Here are 6 bars without sc in the second row We need knit 12 columns sc without meaning we will provyazyvat 2 loops in each column it already obtained March 2
  • 06:03: in the same loop, enter hook 4 5 6 at the same time hide the thread end 7 8
  • 06:36: 9 10 11 and 12 and closes again knitting ring we ready the second row the third row of we provyazyvat follows us
  • 07:06: again you must 6 make additions Knitting Circle columns without sc we need for the perimeter of our circle circles in each series do 6 additions since loop becomes more that Accordingly, we have We will not knit each loop 2 for example in a loop third row again We make a loop lift first knit it turns two column, without sc and
  • 07:36: the second one again following 2 column, without sc and then again 1, and so alternate to the end circle and 1 in the last loop
  • 08:16: If you knit correctly and started knitting it with two columns in a loop in the last loop circle you must be only one column now again closable knitting ring we will continue make additions every two loop but to do it will slightly
  • 08:46: otherwise the matter is that if we continue make additions to the same places as the before that our circle very soon turn into hexagon so we need to change the place of increases and this again We make a loop lift Now we will add through every two loops so the first I no longer loop I add provyazyvayu second and third I make two loops
  • 09:16: again I see about two loops without additions and I will add the third Thus, we add the longer at the beginning of our district and in the middle, between the our additions This allows you to remove corners knitting we knit circle two loops are now two column one and
  • 09:49: again in 2 columns one loop is then 2 because column 2 column in one loop then again at 2 one and 2 columns in
  • 10:19: one loop on the back 2 one and 2 columns in one loop at the last loop provyazyvaem 1 column and again closable knitting a circle We will continue to knit
  • 10:51: similar to us again to do 6 additions in circles but since the loops in we become more we will do not through the addition two loops and three that is, again we do lifting loop and This time we will do adding at the end skip ie We will knit 3 loops two or three, and the fourth make additions
  • 11:23: will again provyazyvat three loops 3 and in the fourth to do addition as
  • 11:56: we started with single columns you have added at the end Accordingly, in the end of the series, too, add the and closes knitting ring basically do addition we chaotic but count more
  • 12:27: convenient way we do not forget provyazat addition next row we again make a loop lifting and provyazyvat will be the middle of the back because if we make the addition to the the beginning of something we have it It will be very close to the end adding again also will not need We corners so provyazyvaem two loops one pillar of the then do adding a further
  • 12:57: knit every four common column 34 do addition then again 1 2 3 4 and again do
  • 13:27: addition and turns the last two loops in we will not so additions it turns out because we are at the beginning of provyazyvali two loops then did addition and addition we You have to go through every four loops Now knit two
  • 13:59: loop and closed the knitting in ring likewise similarly, we cut knit The following series of further addition we will every five loops and then every six seven, eight, and so further depending the diameter of the circle that you need and Again, do not forget add loops different places to have I have not turned hexagon and I continued to knit
  • 14:29: terms such as next row we again we will do adding at the beginning of then through a series of mid later number of passes at the end of then again in and again in the middle early Thus, we associate it round they hexagon again if you want to associate the hexagon add on all the time in the same places It can be at the beginning of the end but preferably the middle of no you can add confused on this
  • 14:59: all if you have any questions that visit the website at Shaman dot ru write to me I joy they answer and order the topic of the future workshops Sincerely, Sasha moon