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MK on an apple-tree molding from polymeric clay (Part 1 from 2)  See details »

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  • 00:08: dear needlewoman rukodelniki me I'm Valery dray by sculpting master realistic colors Polymer clay Today I'll show you and tell you how It can be done buttonhole flower apple for that we need before Total polymer clay for
  • 00:31: We use apple two kinds of polymer clay 1 clay translucent and 2 Clay marshmallow except Togo Instruments stacks tweezers and scissors cutter and leaf and petals sepals paint teip Feed brushes and wires work, we start with to get ready
  • 01:01: a mixture of two Glen apple flower slightly velvety structure is so we mix 2 elastic clay we translucent take a little little more amount and marshmallow opaque respectively smaller mix 2 clays
  • 01:34: are mixed is not very easy because both This mixture soft we wrap in foil that it is not dried up in a time when we they work for rolling polymer clay we use This pasta machine machine allows roll the clay into
  • 02:00: uniform thin We laid in a layer our clay film laying a film with a piece of clay pasta machine and scrolls
  • 02:34: Roll the clay into uniform thin Now layer of expanded clay we cut out the petals take the case and cut 5 petals using catarrh all the petals obtained
  • 03:00: equal size remove excess clay remove and remove back into the film Now the edges of petals we need to thin for that we
  • 03:31: pillow the index finger very very easy conduct on the perimeter each petal and the petals can be shoot film for we remove the petals we use a piece of the same film in order to petals not distorted
  • 04:01: We pick up the tab the leg and neatly remove fingers then put it on a napkin to he was a little dried up We do the same with all five petals after several petals minutes we had dried We have them from the invoice that is, to give them any invoice the apple unfortunately
  • 04:31: no special pier yes so we use what more or less suitable Mold Phalaenopsis It has two side Petal who very beautiful grain structure it is suitable for apple necessarily Mold should be lubricated otherwise the oil clay just stick to the husband
  • 05:00: Now take a petal We laid it on the mode and gently pressed finger and leave to dry Thus, we We attach an invoice to all after five petals
  • 05:32: As the petals a little dry and invoices foothold we should treat each lepestochek dumbbells for to give it bulge we take with small dumbbell balls and neatly pour on the petal the edge of small ball and then in middle, large and
  • 06:02: the reverse side of the petal base small ball, we to walk a little groove reserve dry petal We do the same with all remaining petals and while they dry, we will do seredinku flower to make seredinku we colors our transparent clay pink take
  • 06:30: small piece clays red or pink The paint is applied its just a little bit and knead clay the clay Color evenly clay Color evenly pink Colour pinch off small piece rolls down from his ball then take the wire
  • 07:01: cut off a piece of it length 10-12 centimeters dip the tip of wire latex adhesive glue we put quite little and skewer ball of clay wire
  • 07:31: packer ball turning it into the thus such original gum Next we have our the middle of a cut scissors we dissect our gum in half and then each half still half and then collect with
  • 08:08: Here's a middle, in we have turned leave our gum and dry cook a few more such as seredinok Depending on how many colors we want to do in our decoration to our dried up the middle, we We must stick stamens for this we
  • 08:30: take ready-made stamens and attach them latex glue adhesive must be applied enough so as the filament legs stamens glue absorb grease foundation of our midway and start stick stamens several pieces from 2 to 3
  • 09:00: puppies glue about five millimeters above foundation of our gum after as the glue has dried, we should cut those parts of the stamens who do not stuck at the bottom Cut them off at Final root harvesting should have about It looks like this until we preparing our midway dried up and
  • 09:31: petals and now our task strengthen them the main wire problem program in the manufacture of flowers fruit trees thin legs in petal It is very often breaks off to prevent this happened, we pasted on wrong side and petal wire for that we we use the most thin wire that we have to this case it
  • 10:01: wire number 33 we cut off from it a piece 5-6 centimeters in length at the end for the best bond with we petal bends loop wire very soft so loop can be drive via ordinary tweezers do one round, and another, and
  • 10:33: little straighten loop so that it It was one plane with the wire now we can stick our wire to a tab we based Petal lubricate latex Apply glue adequate the amount of glue to
  • 11:00: wire held very good loop on our wire laid higher than most fine place to she recorded the self petal and leave dry All have 5 petals gain a foothold wire is thus passed enough time and
  • 11:30: our glue on petals dried before their collect in flower petal need bend in the wrong place Where petal begins thicken in the leg to do an inflection almost right angle of bend petal such way bend all our petals and We begin to stick them to the middle, for gluing we
  • 12:00: We use super glue as he glues instantly and very firmly dip petal its base in the adhesive and is adhered to seredinke so that the glue leg end I was on a par with bottom of our stamens
  • 12:34: similar glue the next tab gluing so way all 5 petals we get Here is a flower to delays that come from each petal is not
  • 13:00: prevented us from further you have to work them slightly undercut on half or two centimeters and all the upper part delays we have wrap the tape type To hide wire so that they not prevent us further work we take a piece of it and Plenty, and cut it
  • 13:35: half the entire width of 3 Plenty, and we do not need so we use only half of it will make our stalk thinner fasten the belt type in Based petals and
  • 14:03: We swing the barrel superfluous tear off Now this has turned stebelochek Now we come to manufacturing sepals for
  • 14:30: that we take green clay unroll it in pasta machine this laid our clay between sheets and laminating film Now this
  • 15:01: formation we must cut sepals To do this, take a picture sepal and it neatly cut parts the excess of clay always remove
  • 15:32: for a flower we We do not use the entire sepal in general a cut on his individual petals cut out segments 1 and remove small
  • 16:05: gantelki to walk it and extending slightly expanding and to walk on the palm giving small bulge reserve dry in this way harvests all 5 sepals slightly dried up we petals
  • 16:30: glue the flower smear base sepals latex glue and glue it between the petals and lightly presses finger and glue next we glued all 5
  • 17:01: sepals they should not adhere closely to flower and should create light volume on us You will need to dazzle Same green clay receptacle of whom later We grow apple take a little a piece of green clay We roll down it into a ball smear base
  • 17:30: flower latex glue and glue our clay and