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  • 00:00: Hello everyone you greetings program Master Class and today we are with you prepare for March 8 we will do the best Popular gifts for women, and more specifically compatible one gifts connect and flowers candy and do bunch of sweets and It helps us in this
  • 00:30: Tatiana master Zinkevich she teaches We will show why start and how we make such beautiful bouquet please tell me Tatiana that we need for to make such I think that's a bunch of that probably candy certainly cause especially the candy Further, we need Melt here is toothpicks us here Organza is on the table scissors course ruler and colored paper
  • 01:00: beautiful here orange purple then you can probably already to choose to what color you like primary colors which you I need it orange green other colors on your choice I took today purple yellow purple and white, and we need foam base in which we we fix our composition and probably still need to basket to finish to the composition to then yes there can be
  • 01:30: basket can be some beautiful pot plant pots All that you have hand, in principle, can be used well, where to begin We begin to do that in first first all we do it will bud form the basis our flower for this we will take paper cut out zagotovochku wrap to candy and We will fix it all on toothpick place to do business I also try make four of them our piece of paper
  • 02:02: orange earlier it was because what middle, in the present they had flowered bright orange hence the size of our paper will be seven half ten centimeters crepe paper a division which It helps us rovnenko cut ie the right size in this case, I take half division conveniently planted becomes too
  • 02:32: cut out here to make a difference Related chocolates use all the wise dorado candy it is desirable to have round shape because they are so much it is more convenient to arrange carefully buds then we We take our candy These wrap ears to the middle, so they are not stuck and It does not prevent us continue We take our paper and cut seredinochku rounds out the top edge rounded and bottom cut here
  • 03:03: a modicum of fold in half previously status first then add up cut off all the angles but not only here these extreme yes yes round out far I leave it like this It looks folded form and in this way Next, we laid fingers and fear very tear paper elastic stretch the average part of our zagotovochki deal recess
  • 03:33: candy turns that's so beautiful spiral and the bottom division should be the bottom is not important not fundamentally it division helps us no line cut the right size of paper our special provided wrap our flower bud to plump it I fell out candy it can be removed not fixed
  • 04:03: but it fits sitting buds and It will be lost miserably Jacek's eat plasma and wrap tight Astana Next we get toothpick opens the bud add to a drop of glue and fix glue toothpick so fashion bud firmly entrenched in toothpick or not continue here lost if you no Melt can be used common thread middle, we
  • 04:35: finished next stage of our work concrete do directly themselves petals as you will done little yellow or me purple like purple let's start should you do always when doing if you try to point that they were more like 100 I am of course in nature Crocus are here precisely this color range so of course that was once clear at the first look at that flower I kind of flower I I try to keep shades which nature exists It means to
  • 05:05: we make petals cut off from our paper a strip width of 3 cm for all the length of the roll strips will enough to make petals for one flower reviewed on the result of the eye especially not milked yes I already good eye works on the desired width and automatically cuts right below we add our strip three times to share on three equal parts that striped and will have three petals
  • 05:35: We cut that is what more could you make petals corrugated crane paper or always do only Only paper and I need good paper because it is dense that if you take a thin plain crust the flower is not paper get it bad really stretches Now it turns out these our three petals future and such paper spokes some special stores sold or at the end of that well end of the line is
  • 06:06: rarely usually this paper sold in stores where all of Floristry or flower shops that is, it is the bouquet fascinated yes yes yes yes flower bouquets It wraps it in this paper, and this is our organza likewise you can buy in floristic shops then we take it means the workpiece child well I struck up seems that all well just forget put on a stick so let me stuck shows our Petal and Th on
  • 06:36: we take fingers wherein the fix March 2 petals and do here is a bow one paper turnover do bow and the bow add up in two on fingers flattened verhushechku our and petals stretch in different hand turns such kapyushonchik Here is a kapyushonchik is our lepestochek nature petals crocus is very tight
  • 07:06: hugs seredinku that's the way will be located middle, will hiding in the hood Unfortunately I do not have. I fell off here. can be you can take glue I think that we can put it on the glue let's glue and how many petals us We need each flowered 3 petals this is required we do now bouquet I know sometimes trees do there are the same from
  • 07:36: chocolates or ship even he is seen doing anything that is candy can use different compositions make different colors roses sunflowers snowdrops as you can do composition of chocolates and cars and ships and let you make yellow let I think I eyes weak for to direct at for this I took with a line of foresight it means that we received three such
  • 08:07: kapyushonchik and three Petal on we and to take a pair of scissors to have no It was unnecessary paper which will be create unnecessary the volume at the bottom of col. we cut away a little corner is doing to base again droplet we obtained and now every we lepestochek
  • 08:37: we fix our bud in me it seems to me now is masterful curve spikelets nothing terrible and so we fasten petals to each base subsequent petal I must go on ie prior they need each other hug plump This flower was compact them here so I think I I forgot what you need do after how to fold cut Yes I think you not more than three pieces and
  • 09:08: he can so and so do 3 times consult with fellow but three equal parts still get the same 22 is not three times and on 3 and on the dance this involved let us for savvy simply will measure college ruled as is size 1 tab when so It is better to then consult let's say 17, centimeters and
  • 09:39: last lepestochek He we go down to two previous eat height to bloom all petals were rovnenkie to flower I looked aesthetically pleasing fasten why you do it's her called the internets Communications Logistics slide floristry and design
  • 10:10: very unusual with conventional flowers I always live attracted by the fact that You can create their own hands Well, actually saying our bud ready for the next stage, we will make leaves and green leaves a polosochkoj again I take a little show more than half stripes revenue here then fix fingers and do
  • 10:40: finger and bow yes then extends the house bow bends in inside and do kapyushonchik top plump bow presses fingers that were the flat petals all and then at the bottom scissors cut a modicum of in order to we do leaves take the green paper cut the order of 10 cm strip long we will continue to It can be considered for Markings take two
  • 11:10: division Goofy you can take to measure college ruled, I think so will be here centimeters fold in half not across and along along the fibers and then we scissors We do this fence moves up and down like teeth cut into that is, we get cut paper folded so We immediately one scissors movement 2 cloves will
  • 11:40: and how many various colors can be mix composition to blend He looked well, here we shades of purple color yes here white and white is possible in any composition add desirable no more than three colors use cloth it must cross approach to flower Organza or so before for decorations but I usually I take the green or any neutral white creamy green mimic the greens there's this
  • 12:10: the space between our flowers to somehow fill We make it brighter We undertake he organza do vstavochki and they mimic the greens here we have turned out like this fence and leaves mycli sands fix and gun means previously Example show how it will look at the base col. wrap petals and leaves or rather around petals and get Now we have such flowered crocuses in nature they are very
  • 12:41: short stalk so they have leaves virtually land and grow immediately among the bud greenery so we have a very her short such our legs flower and then we fingers like this here roll off tips that they are the hounds crocus in the needle leaves are they are more thin realistically
  • 13:13: we may be looking Even so, a little out bend that was pretty mean to In order to secure the our flowers once in we compositions use foam base that is, we cut circle to the us diameter Styrofoam and this foam is very convenient to embed our ie flowers Thus, we gradually fill composition flowers and then already this foundation can put in basket either in a pot or
  • 13:44: just can take organza here and so beautiful bottom wrap ribbon tie or is ready to be our song Here's a few the composition may survive after I made it worth while I think stand it may forever another question how much survive candy within this given the composition that if they remove it thence in principle can not hurt flower degrees compositions to relax and
  • 14:14: particularly with seated quickly while I Loans and decoration our composition I'll take this organza cut out from it box 10 10 15 centimeters possible 15 It depends on the size splendor of our ornamentation that is, the more cut out squares the more luxuriant will our adornment storehouses his triangles but this corner we a little bit side that is not displace them with each best man
  • 14:44: Divorce in hand and still a time so that It is magnificently beautiful had turned out such kulechek further we take back our we put a toothpick Again, you can glue take advantage of thread for those on who do not have glue on toothpick fix our kulechek much there these pieces need for ornamentation let's say in this composition I
  • 15:14: probably I used can be pieces eight pieces for such a position 4 May be sufficiently that is, the pieces miles and less than again it It depends on the size of the foundation if the base more respectively distance between flowers will more we It needs more to decorations fill free space here so you insert foot again toothpicks and how you see space is filled with a bunch of not It looks dull and it becomes lush sloppy knows
  • 15:45: another bead some I stuck yes there is actually limit limit no imagination can beads used you can sisal use it here so you know wire tonics she is beautiful too fills space if take a light green the color will be a Everything was beautiful filled space before so as not to be seen ie to basics But if you look on top of a bunch of there and we do not see a basis to
  • 16:16: As long as we see basis we something fill in all free space like this here we are with you quickly made holiday composition can go congratulate their close thanks Tatiana great that taught us shared their mastery and you dear viewers if it is able do something exclusive such as sandwiches run stratosphere send us your video you will invite and you tell us about that what you have done together your look a rejoice for Now you all very much it's all up to date meeting in your air
  • 16:46: Today