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How to Paint \/ Zatonirovat natural fur - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my favorite audience was so many questions about as toned fur I will show for example fox You can toned so any fur fur by trial and error I found one way which is not very satisfied and that I'm here now
  • 00:30: toned everything I have been with fox and well kept and so you can show take any cheap paint types and kinds but maybe I wrong Kashirin toning step in this and there are cheap paints, household and if you confidence Mezdra so grow the same most any paint
  • 01:00: but if the hair in a dream insecure and you know what will happen to her after painting it can ruin her Anything can happen so I I advise you not to to use such paint and so the easiest way to take coloring shampoo toning balm and everything you have but also with the rest accurate and you and I I advise you to get here This is such a balm
  • 01:32: company concept I I tried variety but balms and tonics stuff like that All this is not the and here I stopped here this Council can be there is something you like can be that's something that we do we take dress and gloves from take a little quantity balzamchik here and we
  • 02:08: wear hand fingers Here on these bright tips for all bright tips Apply after both dealt only there is not much need watering try watering take almost dry
  • 02:31: rag and start more just as it does not wash We need to get inside the inner side and try it wet we try to water and only touch highlighted light tips because media can be Troy
  • 03:01: anything so it was with her at I sadly beautiful and beautiful is not last year I painted soaked and 9 species after all I have direct literal sense crumbled and I had almost good my hat piece together and that's after you assigned
  • 03:30: almost 100 We will only dry and will such a nice ottenochek It is silver purple ie yellowness here soon This demand mustache disappears and you especially here took for comparison here this of this part is not match otherwise seen already recognized at camera, I do not know how
  • 04:00: Well, let's take Now slice and compare this is a completely the same pieces have simply Section 11 of the collar Now that must be seen this is for toned it completely different color, and here at this yellow that is, even after you have caused dried over not do anything We need practical
  • 04:31: It remains comb and All and all this for a long time kept very simple and easy no more than investment so the girls are very simple easy way if you have questions ask gladly atypical bye bye