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  • 00:00: dear friends are happy welcome you with by you i'm Victoria brother-in-law and today we are you will talk on topic how to find your purpose and when will you have a question as always write it come up video I'm in the very short term marked it to he became even more clear and clear and pebble forward the highest goals before we let us begin a brief information that on the site we have
  • 00:30: free videos practice theta-healing on profit and financial growth if you have not seen be sure read the link is in the description under video or click on button directly on screen so close eyes that we talked on the level soul now understand your destiny so easy close your eyes make his hits and
  • 01:03: deep and now Imagine that you go to the store choose your spirits you go to the store and know what you need choose perfume with wonderful aroma which suits you which you will
  • 01:33: I like this reducing and you start to choose some sniffed the second or third fourth and you start doubts that all still choose similar occurs with a choice your activity believe this illusion what you can not on to find his predestination is visual deception on
  • 02:03: the background of which can be write big books the Thomas of this workshop conduct whole schools so that learn to see its mission on inspires that We need to see our own Destination and quiet the sum of Putin 's everything is much your predestination is your choice just you need choose from this ecumenical catalog which you
  • 02:35: will deal with what happens in most children it 's the same when we go to the store I do not choose Just do not want to choose but simply we doubt our selection of we do not know what brown we hide ourselves we advise we give sniff those perfumes To other friends we see what's more for you I like it maybe can it all is due to that we can not choose exactly the same way with your activities
  • 03:05: just need to scare right now, straight now open ecumenical catalog different directions activities and just remove believe me in three can do another choice and switch to another activities and this normally through another for a period you can choose more one child and this ok, we are the same we grow up to train with our universe too
  • 03:35: grows with us appears and new new movement therefore believe this illusion what we are told is that we to something on something one need focus than we we are talented talented in everything we have everything to contribute all skills we can learn absolutely any science is simple you need to choose and I I want to directly today you are for yourself decided and made the choice simply
  • 04:05: came and took a course just came and made a choice only you do not envy yourself gear yourself decide to take responsibility for serve simply select now, please open class you watch me and someone thinks that I am an angel sent from heaven for people are all just me just chose his activity took and selected before engage in
  • 04:37: healing I also chosen activities took ideals and believe me you can achieve in any case just need it do just need achieve one's professionalism but you are professionals you can become absolutely any body so be sure to share this video in social networks with friends put the likes and let we will be with you professionals and let's make our world beautiful free and just happy with us i'm victoria
  • 05:09: brother-in-law and see you in new videos brief information about that that the site we there are free videos practice theta-healing on profit and financial growth if you have not seen be sure review link is in description under video or click on button directly on the screen