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  • 00:01: Hello again another series exciting epic under called fruit Braga nonsense in American TV series are banned Now download but This is not a game is the work of Thrones and heavy and dirty series is called preparations distillation somewhere two
  • 00:30: weeks ago I came and the first series fruit Braga and of course I started and do a little early and you and ask whether early you can overtake You know and be of literature or by stories that the fruit mash wandering for a long time are months in the year two or three months, and so further here I want just a little clarify we did
  • 01:00: fruit sugar Braga, we do not expect just on natural sugar We not only hope on wild yeasts and we add sugar we add the yeast and accordingly, we right to expect that wanders Braga Of course as soon as possible remove the pulp removed
  • 01:30: all of these hats pour away any bentonite do chemical clarification but it is not our method firstly no Chemistry I never I use the more in fruit Braga Now all these shoals fillers bentonite and they seem to you put fleeced smell here for what we started with it works there lived a
  • 02:01: fruity fragrance there was fruit bentonite smell it that removes the peels It combines the taste and main colors drinks get enjoy taste color and smell Here are just a mnu We do on fruit sugar mash using fruit there's watermelon berries such as raw materials so once over active during fermentation is
  • 02:31: you will see because hat she settled begins to sink inside By the way, you do not forget daily stir you make sure that cap is not already creeps on it does not hold the upper hand thick crust It is already beginning to fall down no longer stand no foam bubbles is also can such major singing and Look no longer bubbles and the main
  • 03:01: taste it should be bitter such a characteristic fruity taste may be slightly sour is It depends on the raw materials and naturally there will be weight different kinds of pulp Precipitation here again also that there was no ambiguous let's you and I define what scrap obtained pomace and pulp if we, too,
  • 03:31: the best grapes pour this juice pressing under pressure there what you want manner then what is left from extruded balance here it is pomace or spin kim we can re-inject sugar water let then start the grape moonshine and what It remains after a rogue the end of fermentation and ie pulp about its future fate now, we
  • 04:00: talk but when all the signs fermentation It can be stopped act two ways and the saints can not be held it's all in a suit me your cellar It will insist will naturally way and create clarified but shines full lighting come to Easter today we have 22 August in the yard not being able to pass and can
  • 04:32: you do not have to be containers can be you want try maybe you want give experiment and if we do not Now do anything we bring ufologist we get in general is certain fruity wine that Braga is the same, we We can make to it does not soured monitor this matter
  • 05:00: filter 40 removed to strengthen Arbat or Rowan please is possible can be distilled and Here we are now Let us but as prepare for distillation of fruit Braga'll go pour and so here our fermentation capacity medium size 350 liters Prague here otbrodil and she no longer plays
  • 05:30: hat is gone all within ost time I I will wait until she sit down I need to lighten up free capacity overtake unit because the volume more willing to the left to bring a match for the Tigers club dice but he Indeed cube because the volume of its 1 cubic meter but this large compartment
  • 06:01: the volume of the device good worker but heat electrical strongly so expensive firewood reliable old-fashioned table without naturally bulk crane has 7 I have a lot here about bale out at the world through the roof general here already a sediment at the bottom I finish work
  • 06:30: seen here that this mess Here fruit residues and so on it has characteristic odor phrase fruit characteristic taste not bitter sweetness really should not be no sweets and characteristic sour such streaks fruity taste so I I type all of these buckets just that there I repeat that the crontab
  • 07:01: drain could wait until tight shines sediment but I will tell you about how not to do expect such long time so if we leave ripen good Now chew the truth with This outcast still quite just saying that that's when we press work Lida grapes plums apricots, etc. one thing that is a bitch He remained the segment and After the camp there
  • 07:30: Kratom else construction is you locks and Generally what happened to Braga settled fine pectin is all pulp and because here it is pulp with long-term tuning it allocates guide methanol at roadsides castration nothing special, we do not have here will and consume immediately who drowned is an antidote methanol safener 0
  • 08:02: Esenina We also do not We need especially if for example you pressed for time or volumes or just itching hands when our task release but the maximum time we We do not want to work bint they are there and not We want to for a long time with the title we will do mechanical way possible are removed These pectins all impurity you can take the 1 st and 2 nd movies we all
  • 08:30: during operation so as a saint washed very important generally to all this was not you with flies etc. We are working Here I take a befuck and pour our substance it is desirable to all deal somewhere in the solid
  • 09:01: there concrete pavement it provyazyvayut to could then water to wash away any stains it Khatyn stickiness nothing here cloth nothing whose rather large she believes large mechanical parts fruiting bodies of fruits and so on then in this capacity I take another colander smaller peck in the following fractions that's where the capacity Ruslan here already
  • 09:30: will marlechku It remains more shallow and here it is marc's looks it's so unsightly way is all that remains from the fight and if you You hear the view that here it is necessary to pulp I squeeze We remain here and become hence the alcohol alcohol information the water here is full of water
  • 10:00: more than half of the water that we here can even remove the alcohol I I advise you with this business not bother and all advised us to ride then give her isolated from here Let it dry Braga cube pulp then that and covered with sugar and put her on a new yes there still is, he wander can be yeast is not enough yeast maybe he did not want to poured sugar sugar called
  • 10:31: taking it's not bother with this first should never the complexity of your is propylene bags take there hung the sticks 100 gram this bowl centrifuges squeeze holds that anything with it different sieve rubbed but Well you get there deprived tr-2 is not necessary the pulp or animals can steamed boil there
  • 11:00: smoking pig pour in compost pile does not not bothering except headaches and she literally sense of this school 7 the cow full of simple and Frolov this series because trembling you have already played because here and there corpses so to speak yeast and we again and then subjecting reset manes well hardly anything good from this will not confuse and pomace
  • 11:30: and other pulp different things to It was the site of the brain Of course you can steam but when we weave we get less fruity aroma's I do so as it is hat sat all expansion is such a mess I expose mechanical treatment here is the first I You need a lot of stand up gas containers durshlachok gradually leave all set smaller and smaller and then smaller factions then I put drushlag
  • 12:01: with the same marlechkoy it mechanically from time pressed to have a he did not run and that you do not We spent all reserve your area or marley girlfriend for the whole year but we could have done so I He said once in the first series about the future radioman is dirty rabotenka as possible so
  • 12:30: pour and hand and travel rinse water a little breeze and and date and the sun all through
  • 13:03: Five minutes will word is ready to work take the following We put a piece of gauze here's what we natekla here anymore such large rainfall merge here already liquid runs year but nonetheless precipitate He let the news
  • 13:30: merges here and there next, and if you several times to make Now such an operation qualifies measure for your distilling the dice you first release him pectin at the same time there still it will remain light a very fine particles Mizgir are not will Now the fruit flavor with stretch Total
  • 14:00: if fully rich These networks odor much poorer some advise that's how we have such thick personal bucket not separated and how to filter there is a cap in alembic but then either work with steam generator that does not stick Dan and can burn on there are around pieces of fruit given then it is considered that more than any fruit flavor but But if you
  • 14:30: any need bother with water baths with steam me well, our way cones questioning pure power I I say as much as possible easier austere that is, if we do here this mechanical cleaning and we will remove the excess possible means it is well we and the stored aroma and when we type full measure of our cube's let it stand up day like
  • 15:02: neatly solomsya Sadko will Stasik and already well when they are transparent but still fragrant good liquid can overtake here This process step you will need to do their work enemies so it's not sugar Braga where we just leaked out sludge and already so neat say distilled there are some nuances and they quite dirty and they are quite
  • 15:31: can still be Time consuming but it should be done in order to and be sure remove the body excess methanol not give him access and to keep the fruit aroma for what we do All these enemies until Watch for new series are still put any way or So