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  • 00:01: We continue the topic about summer enemies because we are concerned watermelons a watermelon is not a fruit Berry is well not to do I slipped more I will show you how to do now with watermelon why watermelon is very suddenly Why would all of a sudden here watermelons do anywhere it is not heard
  • 00:30: is an traditional raw materials Of course not but if you gave me full Nile trunk watermelons which again on sale for some reasons, although it is normal ripe watermelons they are just a little bit ripe and can Such large can such conditioning, I I do not know but we will distill all that It contains sugar among raw carbohydrates
  • 01:01: you can even overtake as any experiment raw materials which contains a Starch which can be to split up of his yeast and yeast already Novgorod State University of sugars Broder alcohol as needed either this is sugar commodity hell but it is not traditional and many reviews negative one I have not tried happened then nonsense not smelly
  • 01:31: worth doing it is necessary to try all especially now season all the more crops and these can be profiteer or to nearby park or at someone sudden harvest the same watermelons unexpected or unexpectedly like chalk will adjust to the market go crank familiarity with swarthy merchants or as a rule sit our Russian girls over there on
  • 02:00: or at some luggage Percentage anyway it all remains remember a brothers products and a second bottle God in a dream to leave in than again why I need some a separate topic make about watermelon than their feature feature is that Internally, we also will take the insides internally contained wild friends in theory
  • 02:30: in theory we watermelons Remy and if we do not will add their yeast or wine, or I a baker because I have no other but nothing terrible times inside its sterile wrong in many and the fact that melons and watermelons reason decide to wander crusts categorically it is impossible not to do and behold if to
  • 03:01: continued returning if we do not we will add yeast, and here is how to thinking grapes skisnet not reduce the here once stopudovo you really turn sour high sugar content 1 fly zaneset am am sure to anything to get their Yeast is not all throw pattern all so there You can not rely on some event that Here ferment and day or two skisnet yes it is 100 percent
  • 03:31: then how to work with watermelons primarily and still get a bad a taste that is haunting seed You do not need seed done so to plant would cause continued but its advantage has his protective coating in which Braga gives burn unpleasant taste for to seeds from we were not passed I recommend and here
  • 04:00: here's a simple thing an ordinary aluminum profile he screws screwed this mesh Shaku set hellish floor centimeter on half a centimeter as the just to not less than seed to be It was the flesh grind and to be able to easy to handle wash it all Metal is all and lived another singularity of watermelons
  • 04:30: why I do certain longing wall around sometimes forecasts that there will be dates will be on Physics with paint collection 1 will Pineapples she wandered us all that that's all than our rich Republic of the matter is that watermelon hydrochloric Braga I need to add water melon in itself a very watery Comrade such berry
  • 05:00: that excess water dilute with sugar status if other take quite grandmother concentrated apricot juice wort I quickly if a new grapes or we have multifruit Water was added to where it was developed garage here the water will it will be unnecessary dilute sugar tsissus but you have see if we tear drink grapes so it decided to
  • 05:31: watermelons first furnace not laying again the crust necessarily necessarily class yeast and 2 add the water ie like this our standard jar capacity we bring lord's here to hangers because when we put the yeast and 4 kg of sugar standard still we will adjust sugar, we will put
  • 06:00: here rise cap that she did not drink any when we are not pour straight tooth But on a coat hanger and so we have everything ready very technology just take a watermelon and it is not necessary here is the a firm which has you can eat if it is desirable to have he will be under the fractions and pulp and here we go it is half Checa allocate space because
  • 06:30: now fly off lint and fly anywhere disclose it so now not ripe for a year so not all of them do not live mature here he is normally for wandering why need for sugar correction because he's seen that it is not quite mature further any any device that you need to enjoy
  • 07:00: this thing all of you draw here without families Here you can some take a spoonful of this flesh here and then choose after you can take a mug you can take here generally spoon-all anything and here we Home Choose not lose juice to choose pink flesh and
  • 07:30: You do not need try to choose all finished off to a White should stay but what will become of midge or pigs there's juice I ran I chose well, not so thoroughly here ready cockleboat it goes on the line
  • 08:02: hen all things that's the way now I need it do grind I put there some seeds remain this case desirable capacity certainly take not a narrow neck and e.g. a holiday or We need to take
  • 08:32: bath some any child could here the neck narrow so I very convenient in one place and so would I I am working across when the plane pushed through All this liquid to I have stayed sunflower seeds I pull sleep 4 a kilogram of sugar Again, we will deliver because the heat
  • 09:00: because I for example there are guys indoors warm environment give Well Court itself ford to wander at here we do not expect miracles Watermelon jelly beans from not It is simply the best Soviet split as a gently run for it time from the rabble and even more poured sugar sugar always breaks cell wall and It gives the juice to get out and a day after
  • 09:30: he on I add borders 400 grams of baking yeast in common add raw materials and Now fill in the word of wider jars and not add water I put to ferment and then only Look, he can play tambourine there for five for 7 Days ten days or drags it may be depend on the yeast and from the weather and from mood and the moon departure and we send up
  • 10:00: end do not know processes that affect the expression course may be If it is fed nitrates there some were on the field little fertilizer may be low sugar can be they inside drinking roamed the exact date we do not know it all We need to control when the cap settles when will image but also goods know how standard enemy ceased to be allocated blistering burn pussy
  • 10:30: for example, if a match you can check check for alcohol power or mash simple austere People's way try if Braga it has already nice alcohol drunk with the bitterness all good grant distillation buy about this all watermelon until either way insert or so subscribe to channel and lasts until years and now to try different other fruits will talk about everything and to show goodbye