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  • 00:00: hi all today we'll learn do Molds with their hands for epoxy resin or to clay but who how convenient for anyone What I need I prepared for such molds are not yet I know that I will use the remove aside in order to prepare young we need here a sealant Silicone is written see Silicone
  • 00:30: silicone sealant it is enough inexpensive also cost indicated well as we would need potato starch Now I have a their bins and cream regular cream to face a hand want to I only sealants
  • 01:01: that bought so I open the lid so there is white and squeezing sealant much as we
  • 01:33: necessary To be honest it enough so the smell of it is not very so pleasant it's desirable ventilate room in which engaged pour top sealer starch Here is such a ball with
  • 02:29: fashion have turned if you can do manually Look yes my hands that is it is very quite remove hard there You will remove the term it is better to do it with a cloth we have turned out like this we take the cream and I cut slightly cross sypem
  • 02:59: a little to the bottom do not stick some parts club you balloon so do not get the mouth and start shooting impression I take cream hand face of
  • 03:35: difference usual cream to about MDL Us our ball does not stuck for a while until they dry out quietly to ball stable so it untwist
  • 04:11: to have turned a cartoon here we take so rovnenko cut off and leave to dry
  • 04:46: then take a piece of fashion I also want to make such armor bead Now, I usually will be
  • 05:16: such signet and a dent inside the is the beginning I grease that we later you are here all real everywhere released So I did a pier yes We are here to me
  • 05:46: they have turned frozen Of course not all I have I will show you how to most Basically what I'm I wanted to use for epoxy resins today I will show pipe oxide could I have I show pieces from one this here piece polymer clay see what we happened We had a ball
  • 06:17: sufficiently smooth This is our not I know you will not be seen this study it can be seen Now here is how diamond we will make it show closer and ball try to run to become we get the ball will not work
  • 06:47: what What to do we've got here a ball the ball enough smooth love interesting I'll use Life oxide and slept this can be use for
  • 07:18: also polymer Clay now I own you Mold's try this oxide resin will pour into therefore, as it were, a little a little bit Out of the corner of clay will and of course you need
  • 08:02: handle back there ie Well I came here after all as if a diamond basically enough I'm good at home conditions and give well as the I was pretty much in the basically epoxy resin and
  • 08:32: I definitely zalyu they even have an idea I want to do kulonchiki s4 cilia here on such young They will also receive you can do absolutely any MDL for the polymeric clay for that is use all your home attributes which have lids jar and the only time on my experience, I realized what you sealant mix do not give him a long time
  • 09:02: remain well on air because it is not necessary to nowhere simply seal as if engaged gloves since silicone enough hard to remove labor first and second rolled up and a ball right from start He do MDL because he dries up and then that you push it well all unrealistic why like this
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