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  • 00:00: the greetings from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today we will prepare Now the ball Creams this cream can be promazyvat cakes for cakes and then in the future we you baked cake that this promazhem cream and I want to do a separate video this cream then to me no further writing where
  • 00:31: this cream is how to find this cream is why you do not show this cream generally separate Video about a cream so start and what you need for this cream We need all the cream I separated the yolks in one cup of another glass almost yolk protein all veins here punch bowl and here it is I add a cup of 300 grammes if someone is too a lot of add less well I
  • 01:01: add 300 grams sugar because then we will be here add another 400 grams oil 300 grams to 300 grams and here is 2 bags vanilla Sugar is possible make and then when you will knock I add this oil Now even if Managing shawl salt as always
  • 01:32: a little pinch here salt and here prepared 350 milliliters of milk and 30 grams of cognac edges add the very end, and yet we need two tablespoons cocoa and now too I here here and add first we need here those here I'm yolks simply mix
  • 02:02: that nothing is not here and flew These need here Beat the egg yolks to fluffy foam whisk as soon as the yolks whitened enough Now we bring down here we send milk little by little and where you want to bring down Sift one tablespoon cocoa not to sift
  • 02:36: lumps one 2 as skin 2 tablespoons and is now in the guise of I here it is worth Now you want to send
  • 03:06: Now the string and will boil and thickens Now that everything has to be rule through a sieve because there is partitions yolk behind to all this City and that's left what we
  • 03:36: which here is lumps if you through a sieve miss will already We shed through a sieve killed and spatula help
  • 04:08: and now we talk constantly stirring constantly until thick and then Add at the end of 30 still really add our not turn on the stove now and start will constantly
  • 04:38: Stir no sugar that does not he disappeared dissolved and the cream in Now we have launched already can not depart from so must constantly Stir to avoid there were no lumps nothing Do it Now I put softer fire I
  • 05:11: I feel that the cream starts to thicken to pour cognac very tasty so cocoa great for posts All this is now we all cover with a lid and we send cool department we have a place
  • 05:43: If we remove or tighten the edge if you do not do know about surface is not formed crust It will be unpleasant and she does not get caught Kremlin collect sauce walls and now to cover not mess and cover with a lid and
  • 06:14: I stand it very well and hardens when it freezes then we will churn butter send what we you littered here completely froze and already there is to know in advance cook and cool and Now all we we will shake up with butter
  • 06:46: we need 400 grams oil and in my pack 250 Now I'm posting one pack fully 100 grams of finished rice and must first this oil was to shake up case and then we'll
  • 07:16: add to and I found today cooking chocolate or all you need White will simply not add any or you can even make it in half half done white half done black above some cream on you color needed is already themselves will decide can
  • 07:46: riding can be without so 400 grams of butter oil 100 grams here we do not need, and how Once the butter is our vzobotsya I start add little by little there is now a cream I take another spoonful and I will ponemnozhechku add to class Otto spoon add
  • 08:17: housed reach more time to show once you add all custard whisking need more three minutes four all fully Cream became united uniform and now but it turns out one more time probably again to if you need is white cream then you do not add to the What do I need it
  • 08:47: I'm a chocolate this cream is obtained if someone in I liked my recipe You can repeat and this is someone you can Oil cream it You can use the ipad then a lot of sugar add for the summer yet a little butter oil and I think even
  • 09:18: He could stand it will harden it can be used under sugar and weight decorating cakes and promazyvat and night for cakes there where you need it's delicious very gentle cream try it I think the cook We also liked but all the while to
  • 09:48: See you soon on Mike