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The German apple pie from Olga Baklanova (All Salt)  See details »

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  • 00:00: when the Germans wanted say that some they did not burn out usually speak quiet burned kyuhena this name of sweet pies and cakes which are widely not only Germany, but for her outside longer just like yogurt in america from chili to united states and the largest popularity there uses apple the pie that I today I will cook to test me need 85 grams of butter 150 grams of sugar 1 egg one and a half cups of flour 2 teaspoons baking powder by a quarter teaspoon
  • 00:31: salt and muscat walnut 120 grams milk 2 3 sweet apple cinnamon blend sugar and cream I need 500 grams of creamy cream 100 grams of sugar and 115 grams of creamy I switched on the oils oven so she heated up to 180 degrees and for that time I will cook pastry dough I'll take 180 grams butter and together with one egg and stir sugar until homogeneous states so that has turned white
  • 01:01: for the group I add here is a baking powder a pinch of salt adolescents on the nut and this mixture I will add to egg mass here personally I also butter the milk is long You do not need to interfere only to stir all Ingredients post this the mixture obtained in smeared with creamy oil frying pan the frying pan must to be a diameter somewhere
  • 01:32: 20-22 centimeters smoothen surface and we will prepare apples for this prescription is best taken sweet apples peeled excising the core we cut apples on only six millimeters thick I lower the slices apple in dough all this the matter is perfect arbitrary form on great desire from above I sprinkle pie with a mixture of cinnamon and there is one sugar here a tablespoon of sugar and a quarter teaspoonful
  • 02:02: tablespoons cinnamon prepared by way pie I put in the oven at 30-40 minutes meanwhile I prepare bitterness I pour out the cream half a liter of fatty cream add here 100 grams of sugar sand and treasure butter and all this I will cook on little fire in six eight minutes everyone needs brew all the time stirring until he thickened cream can
  • 02:32: pour pie completely possible pour it into a separate bowl water each piece but it is compulsory should be all the time warm I do not know talk lazy the whale did not burn when some business it was possible but still there is no such expression well- prepared apple german 3 a worthy reward for works and in all salt