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The Italian set of loops with hard edge  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:04: Oksana Shubina following We found a bug while according to Italian collections for these transactions 1 1 or to Film edge nationalistic Tagil we need two pairs of spokes one pair of speed range the UPC number which we will certainly
  • 00:30: and co a pair of straight spokes starting at a five which Putin but clean needles attachments great then there is a clear begin history thin The first loop is typed as in Normal Dialing delayed they were given the required number
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  • 01:35: selecting the desired number of children see to it that after seven weeks given the number of children Now gum the number of five was a multiple of four before quo penultimate loop should look like treasury
  • 02:10: if you do not iterate the loop as usual to consolidate loses to tie the deal student ii we must tie not 2 liter 4 We reduced the size of the spokes
  • 02:35: the first steeps not remove both the front Next loop looks like the face will recover all face the back wall the next ten digits and wound take off they were given treatment also
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