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  • 00:00: Hello all of you certainly for many What you know about me and including know about my insatiable passion the unforgettable love to beret here today Gabriel helps me show next during the next composition art hast made only days today try do the same rosettes and of the same let the leaves start without long introductions I took the tape with two half centimeter
  • 00:31: wide but there is a nuance here, too, with two ribbon half centimeter wide but this tape made of natural silk and today we are with you make rosettes of ordinary surcharge familiar to us that we usually use as usual I I choose a certain point I deduce the tape on the front side of that we do on to midway roses we need to look you will do
  • 01:01: familiar French knot Only ordinary and form this French knot he pulled up on needles, this time we so do not do Watch it at us tightened so completely free in flight and I'm doing well I leave it as free will not tightened on the needle and since the needle near the place where she left only please note that we have the tape wide and still 5 millimeters not to leave damage the fabric on just in case
  • 01:32: Right here are enough great free this French I'll leave the knot once heavily anticipating forward to tell here see here is not overextended French knot but the buds are here These buds, too made of the same not available overextended French knots then just when they harvested green thread, and all that is here or ready to bud
  • 02:02: or the center of our roses and yet simultaneously I want give me some advice and ask if embroider wide ribbons they often there are strict name embroider uncomfortable pain in arms I am telling such that the tape hard work, or wet it and still better to wash with some cleaning means soft shampoo or e.g. washing up liquid means warm water and ironed they then become much softer here here straight into the sky and the earth
  • 02:33: very big difference if you try encounter this problem and apply Now it military cunning and so we we do next Rose Center is ready Now we need will make I deduce petals igloo Again, very close from the center and form petal I had first fold since I've been Artist's a little twisted alleys. so here I enjoyed the right on
  • 03:04: and somewhere about Three quadrant I close seredinku Now this is a petal have enough I long stitch will I take away her again tape on etna when you stretching the ribbon monitor its passing hold little finger here turned a insofar petal because we tape harsh and
  • 03:34: we can always like it will lie I naturally will not give it svoevolnichat I take thread suitable in color to my ribbons and blind stitches very neatly is stuck in lepestochek that position which as I want him to lying And now I want you show one more wonderful piece needle what its charms than her dignity
  • 04:05: What is the advantage of this Needle why I details about her tell rub I take the thread impose the thread on special groove slightly tightens and I do not have to inserted it already needles that is, it is not necessary to aim for a long time reconciled, and here I am the sewing thread work is now Petal is stuck in that position which I want to that he was lying
  • 04:35: look at me here this stitch the face of the very It will not be seen I do small stezhochek hiding it under ribbon, I do not even I began taking contrasting thread so you can find show because all the same, and these no visible stitches will now look once again I bring somewhere in the conditional location and extent because I It folds into a tape process of implementation
  • 05:06: petal I here somewhere small crease stezhochek make important thread and secured that's me three stitches rather to fix this petal, I do just leave party This needle and thread and I we still first need
  • 05:36: petal ready what do we do further and further, we slightly deviate from I place the tape in tissue and derive again tape on the front side that is so way we are do normal stalked seam simply pave it around here and the secret that's all trick again I I form the petal
  • 06:06: I laid out the ribbon because I want about because it will still have to not one hundred percent obey such a it yourself and again I digress from the place where I came out tape about a centimeter somewhere and insert ribbon as a second flap
  • 06:36: you already knew we perform these petals in a circle to As long as we do not satisfy external view our roses recedes about a centimeter and repeat Now we have spread
  • 07:09: ribbon and work ribbon we almost we finished it remains secure on the wrong side and even as we have remembered noses left work Sewing thread we now a pleasing situation Now fix these petals to us Rose does not split Rose's happened and a transparent manner you make sure Satin ribbons have its advantages to silk yes of course silk
  • 07:39: they drape beautiful they are soft but they satin It keeps doing better shape and have it here here the combination of that brilliant mo side too, in my look look chic commit that we are left with you make here are leaves now I show how It has done from the beginning the theory we are going to use the seam which is called floor hinge how to do it here this is the case when all
  • 08:09: even I who do not like very schemes need take advantage of scheme We need to draw then this piece of paper I reproduced on fabric if I want to have I bent leaf one way I will use another method if I want to have I bent leaf in the other direction, I I will apply similar to the way only in the mirror displayed here at I leaf faces I will bring the needle to the left first here in this at the front
  • 08:40: side Then referring to the fabric and and here at this point most have tails is I center leaf and bring the needle I lay here thread Molding needle here and I tightened will result in the loop and so at first we leaf edge derive thread then we deduce here here and here
  • 09:10: Now we are completing This is repeated but how be without stalk I'll stalk conventional stalk and stitches but today they you used well, will draw suspended like that of a rose stem powerful see he is not much curves do leg last pliz. and I'll draw himself a leaf I am using simple a pencil to
  • 09:40: so you better visible when you carry out their work better to use something else because that the pencil can be eraser to wash his but sometimes it is treacherous remains and has to wash your wash is not always want so pencil is better not use have special disappearing markers either from the water or on the the air from the water better any color pencils or chalk By the way my most Here I take a favorite He painted the mistletoe at I iris if I do not need
  • 10:10: It was that it was very I would highly graphically He is taken to stem roses 2 strings of floss and for foxes. in one thread but Moulineaux very thin, and that I was more evident here I take advantage and rice and so the most common stalked seam Now I quickly Why do degree I would use Maulana stalk 2 adding how here
  • 10:40: here because thicker stems from this rose I now thread secured if I make the transition firstly it will too long and in Second on the front side can stamp it thread to a Beauty in my quotes arose I fastened a thread and start again focus on our I leaf plan bends in the side
  • 11:10: I respectively I deduce this the short side a needle close by the tip of the tail I stick a leaf needle and deduce in point 3 on the center leaf that's what we you get more I repeat here this work for jewelry It is better to take
  • 11:41: floss in one adding one thin thread to thin leaf turned bijou Here is a thread and rice on stout look what graceful leaves here beauty and so we finished and half-loop Now we will simply repeat the same thing I'm around I deduce thread here also near here next to that is, I repeat, all these three our point
  • 12:11: and the center of our will result in the snake NER something beautiful Leaf will be back It is near. and one I take away near point and two I deduce center in close 3 with the point I repeat this It called the seam floor Loop it is very easy thing to he was executed carefully to went the strings
  • 12:41: very close to each friend So we filled dense stitches Now our leaf do for him
  • 13:14: small stebelochek and so a new kind of rose in heart was not overextended French knot we ran around petals using the stems of your well, let's say stalked because we have every the next tab a little out a little bit later than previous to centimeter approximately indented, and we are with you
  • 13:44: We learned today a new way of doing leaves the show floor loop as I have already said, to leaf I looked the other toward one leaf for this Rose insufficiently naturally need foliage will do rose to more I looked over we need to live repeat here all our actions are we are done mirror as well, let's say like this Now here in the leaf We will. one here will
  • 14:15: point 2 and is about to be here. 3 Well, now you must pay attention to my luxurious decoration Rose is done almost as much as the what we did with you now the only difference at its center is not French knot a twisted rosette we are such a center did for Rose on
  • 14:45: Method Helen Rex that is, we have already We can do it try look how way to you more like they just a little different other here these here these roses here on this in order to Now get this flower you need two tape segment completely independently first you wring in rosettes sew and in the fabric and then rose petals you do exactly as well as the one to one we are doing
  • 15:15: Today Well, that all secrets not to disclose to some secrets some puzzles remained like these leaf we are talk in one of following lessons and all up to date goodbye