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  • 00:02: welcome to puppet creations and you'll have to excuse my voice I'm on the tail end of a cold so I sound a little raspy so here's some of the things you'll need for creating a puppet of course the sewing machine and you'll need a glue gun a pair of scissors a utility knife or whatever your craft knife if you want to call it that a marking pencil it doesn't matter what color just long as you can mark on black fabric
  • 00:31: you're gonna need polyfill which you can get at Walmart of course felt you'll need six pieces of felt for one puppet and then one black piece you'll need seven altogether and you can get those well Walmart used to carry quite a few colors but Hobby Lobby or Michaels and then you're gonna need a 1-inch piece of foam and that can also be bought at Walmart and that those dimensions are around seven and a half
  • 01:00: inches by 14 inches or 16 excuse me seven and a half by sixteen and then you're gonna need a black foam board and that's that it's not really it's well that's what's called foam board okay you're gonna need to roll the black duct tape and of course thread and of course the pattern and it's always handy to have something like this this is just a rod one of those like type curtain rods but it comes in real handy and you'll
  • 01:31: see why in just a little bit in cushion if you need to use pins and last but not least these are eye balls and this is a ping-pong ball that I cut in half with a scroll saw so if you have somebody that has a scroll saw and cut you a bunch of these just be real careful you don't get your fingers but those are bees for the eyeballs you don't have to use those types for the eyeballs but they work real well let's see if we missed anything I believe that's it so we're
  • 02:01: gonna get started on creating a puppet for less than $10 now when you initially buy all this stuff it's gonna cost you more than ten but if you keep doing this you can actually make a puppet for less than $10 total cost okay so the first thing we want to do is we want to draw out our patterns and we've got two pieces of felt here okay so we're gonna draw them out and you can just use a pan or something like that
  • 02:48: if we do it on the other side I like to leave that part open there in the middle so that we can use that for ears or nose or something like that so try to utilize your space best that you can and here's
  • 03:06: the head part
  • 03:34: and again you've got two pieces of film and this said we'll do the same thing with the chest part we're gonna put this on of course two new pieces of felt and we're just gonna do like that and then we'll be done in our pattern and cutting almost done our pattern cutting we're going to be making our mouth as well
  • 04:00: this is when that little blue pencil comes in handy going to draw that and then we're also going to make marks on the mouth but we're going to do them on the inside and so just right underneath that on either side so we know where to cut it in the middle okay and the other thing we're also going to
  • 04:30: do is use our black piece of felt because we need to make our mouth we're going to cut that just about a quarter inch bigger than the circle so we're gonna it's kind of hard to do it on the felt but you don't have to be exact on that but just about a quarter inch out try to darken that in so you can see it a little better on the video
  • 05:02: if you can see that or not but just about like in about a quarter inch all the way around it and again it doesn't have to be real exact but try to get as close as you can we have to sharpen your pencil ten so now you've got a that's not gonna show up on the camera yeah there it is
  • 05:32: you've got your circle there that you can cut out and then for the board we want to cut that out with this craft knife and generally it's a good idea to use a cutting board underneath that so we're gonna cut that out here just a minute okay after you've got your foam
  • 06:01: board cut out then you want to cut that in half and we had our two marks there so we're gonna go ahead and chop that in half and we should have two pieces identical and if they're a little bit off that's fine just as long as they're fairly close now we're gonna go ahead and work the mouth so let's take our duct tape we want to turn off some strips that are almost
  • 06:31: about the same a little over this the length of the edge of the mouth there so we need four of those and then we're going to need a piece of that foam board and this is what we're gonna do here the
  • 07:00: mouth obviously goes like that you know and you put your hand over top and you control it but if you if you duct-taped the this edge of the foam board flat like that you're not going to have the ability to put the felt in the middle for the mouth so what you want to do is you want to take it just a piece of foam board back here and you want to put it in the middle like that
  • 07:30: where you can see better okay just like that kind of like a sandwich and then you're gonna run your duct tape over this edge right here take your duct tape okay and just like that
  • 08:03: and then what you're going to do is you're going to reinforce that with a second piece and then you're going to open it up and take out that middle piece so when it opens up it kind of looks like that now we're going to take the duct tape and our other pieces you don't want to
  • 08:35: pull this out all the way but again you want to remember you're gonna be pulling it over so you want to take your middle duct tape and you want to put it right smack across the middle just like that okay so now you have a working mouth and again we're gonna reinforce that
  • 09:01: pressing down on it fairly firm not on this side cuz you don't want to squeeze it together all the way but now you have your mouth and you can squeeze that middle section together like what I'm doing okay the next thing you want to do is this is going to be of course the inside of the mouth and you're gonna your hand is gonna be on this part here and your hand gets sweaty and this is foamboard so we want to protect this area with some duct
  • 09:31: tape so let's take several strips again and I like to start on the end first down there and then come back towards the middle and I just terribly just put two pieces that's about all you need okay now you've got a mess but you just
  • 10:02: pulled it over like that and we're just going to take our knife and we're going to trim all the edges of that tape take all that tape off
  • 10:34: okay and now we have our finished mouthpiece as far as the foam board and duct tape is concerned we'll come back to that here shortly we have our black sleeve and what we're going to do with this is we're just going to put a just a simple ham in the bottom of that and
  • 11:01: this is an 18 inch square so it doesn't matter where you put the ham in I usually just put it in the end and if it's a piece of material that phrase a lot I usually take it and turn it over once and then turn it over again and then ham it that way that way it keeps all the phrase day I normally use black thread but I didn't feel like changing it out so we've got
  • 11:30: pink thread in the bottom which that's fine now that we have our hem sewn in there we're going to take that this is the outside edge right here the outside edge we're going to take that and we're going to bring that together and we're going to sew down this other side so we're gonna we're gonna when it's all said and done we're gonna have a sleeve okay so we're gonna sew down this side
  • 12:01: right here okay now that you have your sleeve sewn you're going to take it in bring it inside your right side out okay and then we're going to glue it to the foamboard mouth so that'll be the next step well I'll get the glue gun ready all right we're gonna take our glue
  • 12:30: we're just gonna put a DAB right here on the edge and we're gonna take our stay I'm gonna take our sleeve and this is the outside scene we're gonna take that I'm wanting to glue that on the edge of that mouth just barely covering over the top of it and where we're putting our seam is
  • 13:01: about halfway to where let me see if we get this to where we're putting our seam is about halfway center of the mouth okay so that's where we want our seam in and then what we're gonna do is we're just gonna glue this all the way around and but before we do this sides here we're gonna do the other side so we've got this one one side let's come around
  • 13:32: here to the other side we're going to throw a little glue on there hot glue and then we're gonna bring mouthpiece out will put before the glue dries here we go now I should have made my sleeve just a
  • 14:02: little bit bigger so that we'd have a little bit more room because as you can see it's kind of tight right now on the sides that's okay you can go ahead and take your scissors and just slit that a little extra there so that it'll fit okay okay just like that now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and glue all the way around that mouthpiece so we're gonna do that with our hot glue I'm gonna cut that
  • 14:33: just a little bit more a little more room and you can always trim off the excess
  • 15:00: and of course after the glue dries you can peel that off as well which we'll do here in a minute coming over this side remember we already had the there's where our seam is that we already have big food so we just need to come around this way now
  • 15:35: and this last side
  • 16:02: and that's all we're gonna do with the mouthpiece for now so we have our mouthpiece and let me zoom back out in a little bit okay and now we have our mouthpiece and this is gonna be where your hand is at inside the puppets mouth that's why I have the sleeve coming down - you're almost to
  • 16:31: your elbow and but that's the inside of the mouth be there are you doing the next thing we're going to do is we're going to sew our hands arms I think you can see the outline there just barely okay so we're gonna go ahead and sew those and then we're going to cut off the excess
  • 17:59: now when you get down to this point
  • 18:03: right here make sure that you get both edges of this because as you can see of course I've got two pieces of felt here I've moved my felt over a little bit and I'm going to end up cutting or end up sewing around here and missing that bottom piece so you want to make sure that you have that lined up correctly and in this case I'm just gonna compensate by coming in a little bit on this okay we've just finished sewing the
  • 18:31: hand and we don't want to sew across the end we want to leave that open so we're gonna cut that and that's gonna be the open part and then we're going to trim around where we cut we probably just want to leave about an eighth of an inch we're just gonna trim that up all the way around the outline there okay this is the couple pieces of felt that we're
  • 19:01: leftover from in between those hands let's just go ahead and we'll make a nose out of this one we're not gonna do ears for this girl puppet because she's gonna have hair covering her ears but we're just gonna you can make a nose just don't have to be very big you can see that anyways we're just gonna cut out a circle about kind of
  • 19:30: like that and that will be her nose so stand by okay so now we've got her nose we can go ahead and turn that inside out and we're going to stuff that here shortly when we get to the head part okay so we'll put that aside for now