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As it is correct to create monetary knot  See details »




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  • 00:08: So this is now the most easy money museum Now it does not tighten Of course, I specifically It was left to seen how it is interwoven rope but he delayed and It can be done more 1 rope, and we'll Now analyze how way he drags
  • 00:31: I want to improve or this is possible tied cash plaiting monetary unit suitable red and yellow cords better take the cords of denser here such here which keep their shape although in principle it is possible use and simple any rope tape and know more thick cords such
  • 01:00: gold color that red related to the topic of money Now details This will not speak just for information I choose today to red braiding and So this rope tesemochku or lace with which you now You will work put it before so that a loop I was ahead and tails left in their left side you Dug in a ponytail Right here in this way to formed gazebo
  • 01:31: as you can see here loop is top now we take this one tail that I stayed and lay its top like this here's that we obtained Now we take here it's me it tip just enough not so long all part of the screen and begins his Now thread the these loops through one
  • 02:01: bottom-up like this and that's because that's how Now slowly tighten that's what we turned to be seen as a It looks like this loop they can do
  • 02:31: more 1 rope here actually that is monetary unit which you can add to any money amulet well and in general just put in purse and use it as symbol in the course while tying monetary unit need spend certain action rituals but we talk about it in our our meetings are called practice new moon pass in
  • 03:01: each new moon of the month join us We have not engaged Women's association when such energy knot work several times stronger good luck with money units and extending to you money