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  • 00:00: Well at the last session, we but did protect tucks can make also using the twin needle such well-tucks obtained only light and thin tissues double needles may be small and this is a big step step distance between needles
  • 00:30: Here, for example, and the eye Step 2 millimeters and Step 4 millimeter small step you can do to protect thin tissue lots more thick set twin needle instead one has the cut edge of the lip needles myself a double needle can sew Any machine for this on a typewriter , a second additional pin for thread there where no one can pin supply reel next set two take a coil
  • 01:01: the two strands together and with Refill as one to share your yarns and dressed them in coal ears for to get need protection increased tension the upper thread for bottlenecks and frequent tucks have Special foot with grooves legs produced with five seven and nine grooves 1 protection with a mark up tissues of the face we We do using aqua
  • 01:30: marker paving line of scribed line bobbin thread tightens fabric and protections it turns convex following security we do sliding Previous in the groove on the right foot distance tie-off end not short-tucks make thread draws on the wrong side tissue and bind such tucks can do both parallel so this appendicular It can be done by more prominent
  • 02:01: placing it thick thread for line or cord thread so you need to put a it fell to between games defense it turns over thick and convex for the manufacture of tucks needed put double needle and two coils thread and pull the thread it as a and tuck needles 1 mark protection and stitch remaining tucks will smooth thanks guide
  • 02:30: the grooves of the foot next time I I show you how make an oblique Bake yourself