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  • 00:03: valyalschitsy we simple Russian valyalschitsy so what is Valya and that's I will order there and the will is the word the heroine of one popular Soviet film let `s talk about fearing our days felting felting health
  • 00:30: all these terms represent the same process wool transformation Do not seek the felt word association childhood winter pitch-dark morning Mom and sled course the felt boots recalled and this is remembrance of funny and touching children trays It has a direct relationship with thousand-year history human scientists believe that the felt about 8 thousands of years, the process felting in fact not
  • 01:00: changed over amazing time recalls committing ancient magic ritual milled object born in a result of power connection the nature of heat and work human hands It carries a powerful positive charge basic techniques fulling wet and dry felting dry felting using a special needles with barbs used in mainly to build small volume products jewelry dolls toys but wet felting with soap
  • 01:30: solution and plays practically all the most ancient traditional felting such method manner but it is made of scarves Wraps garment that have product big enough Square secrets it is the ancient creativity with us share today Angora it treated or Anurag much I but I understand that or you as a child
  • 02:00: ipad tell how got you suddenly took here this unusual creativity I I dealt with childhood any different kinds of creativity and your sewing room or all once in 2007 I I saw the bag in technology dry felting's All this I found its direction and Ever since I started Collect the information then I was still very just a little on the subject
  • 02:30: written and master class in others it happens material is a person skilled in the hands of a master wool capable make the most bizarre and complex disguise it various ornaments flower brooches, even beads and earrings sedan I add rams other materials Here is an example tree Boa Mixes do colored female hats and scarves and handbags cheholchiki for phones and laptops unlikely to be able to surprise
  • 03:01: you if I say that because wool can be done different beast after countless blows needles valyalschitsy wool clouds can arise good elephant kindergarten pants cartoon hedgehog needles it is special mohair language that sew descendant toys and turns Here's a hedgehog prickly and as you behold such travel Goat I long observed that the laws I stick departments
  • 03:31: because a coquettish giraffe and even eyelashes there are real panda the children's version when nothing can be tear here as eyes and made of wool at all possible play a little child relation Eleanor these little felted The young permeated light and heat every creature toys such as birth new creatures and the call these works toys language is not turned
  • 04:00: pet as living Wait mind look and wired soul of packing mostly sad and and by touching of more attractive and native on this I I have a rest the main work and here is creativity which vent wife today we are with you We will do Russian boots but we will
  • 04:32: make them quite quite little we them fool as moisture Did our ancestors in ancient times for work required blank template wool soap water scissors solution mosquito net, we will postpone wool pattern for We pull hair like this the most-most edge of his smooth the beds postpone all our zagotovochku first
  • 05:00: then one layer a second layer across the now we need it soak for that we use warm water and soap damp wool you can remove the excess towels water now again take our shablonchik are two boots if you have not We are now understood wraps shablonchik wool and fully
  • 05:31: not to lay It was wrinkling and couple the pull to coat tightly adjoined to a template straighten all Put the second layer again lay in rows wool order to hide length and breadth of our It got rough party here more less smooth side
  • 06:00: we this pixelated put on a party coat that posted and again wrap our boy have one side smooth other little We need a little uneven close irregularities very, very thin wool layer spread and presses zagotovochki our boots will cheerful so the eggs took colorful wool and I will tear off, and I thin thread and
  • 06:30: making strips decorate our small stripes we did we take mosquito net and putting a We start fooling already the process of volition due to soap hairs together starts stir them become smooth so there is stalling the process After you dries up they have often cling so he quite durable The material is produced
  • 07:01: you went to the coil You know the process has begun a lot of effort it is necessary to overthrow this ring primary clutch fibers occurred and we can already rub hands and harass something moves already shablonchik It becomes too small and it's time to get take his towel drying it take scissors and cut exactly
  • 07:30: middle valenochki our are starting to become these boots now we need to get template we have a dense pattern so we will cut in pieces We got our fire and now we need them add the needed water soap can be to push back thumb and around here and so boil down forming
  • 08:00: toes form a whole skunks if we rub just like that it can happen so then we get the finger is no longer shove this Long procces our grandfathers weeks horsing upholstering boots before fooling mostly men because the same women I sat on them this missing finger forming pyatochku pull it
  • 08:31: we fall edge now we need to let the same boots and in size because we can it did not add it will be more or he will cross less Now get two but the edge of the dumpling which we just do not match cut off the scissors that was smooth edge and
  • 09:03: Now our Valya It has a smooth edge dry the towels now our boots necessary than ever stuff that they have have dried up the correct forms our boots ready Now you can make them cheerful brelochek or hang on he put on the Christmas tree google and let the doll it will be warm for what
  • 09:33: work required life so as not to hurt Even so, you can say because When something is created that I do not know everything inside filled with joy is there with a toy so that's the eyes easier to live and health and everything would be all there This is not the fool you
  • 10:01: here are fooling us simple Russian valyalschitsy so wrong but I liked this Native open spaces narrow words