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  • 00:00: Hello! With you Anchikov Martynov! Today I will teach You weave that's such a delicate collar of beads. The material that we need: beads 4x3mm - 449 pcs. Beads №10 - 25g. droplets 10h15mm - 14sht. beads 8mm - 15 pcs. Also monofilament diameter 0.25mm, needle and scissors. Let's start! Especially for video I drew a diagram on which I will weave, You can download it on my blog link in the description.
  • 00:31: First make the foundation collar. For this we take 2 meters of line, one end of which populate a needle, and the second will do a ring of 7 beads. Make it is not difficult, you need to wear a 7 beads to pull almost to the end and link the main line the end, then following the pattern we have to put a fine bead,
  • 01:31: and large bead, threaded through the back side only large bead, pull, then put and thread the beads 3 a needle in a bead 3 of the finished ring. leave us strung beads 4e and pass into a needle Third bead from the place from which leaves our fishing line. Now
  • 02:04: 5 we strung beads and go through the third bead above. then 4 beads and again pass in the third bead from the place from which leaves our fishing line. (Top It will always be part of 4 beads - easy to remember)
  • 02:41: Bottom makes the suspension, put fine bead, large and bead, we return to the large beads, strung another third bead and go through the third top bead, etc. actions are repeated as long as we do not get 15 suspensions. Basis is ready now take 1.5-2 meter line and will
  • 05:28: embroider her beads. So, strung on twine 1 engages the bead base (the first gap between pendants in the middle bead) and put on another 2 beads we associate the main line from the end, leaving 5 mm is cut off superfluous and singeing, are now threading a needle Clockwise 3 beads, little wood should extend from the bottom.
  • 06:16: then strung beads 16 and one bead and pass to the next bead base, followed by another 2 beads and hour pass
  • 06:49: 3 beads, go to the same place a new cross, as the last time. We pass so the whole series and Each subsequent row in the same pass. The diagram shows how much you need to string beads with each row. In the first row you can do
  • 07:20: an easy transition to the new, but instead of third beads
  • 07:55: use a suspension of droplets and beads. Each subsequent row should be started using suspension and a new piece of fishing line up to 1 meter. Collar is ready! Now I'll take 20 cm 3 chain ring,
  • 09:41: lock and using the pliers attached to his collar.
  • 11:19: Your fastener may be completely different, I wanted to make it to one side. I hope you enjoyed the result, and you'll be able to create such a collar. Leave your questions in the comments, subscribe
  • 11:52: per channel, so as not to miss the release of a new master class and be sure to put the Huskies, because the more likes the next lesson will be released soon! And yes, I almost forgot, I'm still a little removed for you Excellent overview stylish, summer shoes you You can order and themselves. Who cares - link on the review of the description. All bye-bye!