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  • 00:00: can not refuse from purchased sauces but worry about health of your family because of dyes and fragrances composition of my friend grayer than Kalinin knows how to cook homemade sauce and which with ease will replace stores recently I came letter from one spectators here that she writes good day hope I appeal to you from requesting help because experiencing for his whole family we can call two friends children and all my the family is very fond of harmful sauces can it be among your
  • 00:30: friends of cooks someone who will advise recipes alternative sauces asking elena I immediately voiced grayer as he has we are big sauce specialist he does not think for long went to him guests what happened the result of this dating service I suggest to look right now, hello Elena in I Do Serge we do not find matveev sent me to you said that you have and desire to learn prepare the sauce and this
  • 01:00: simple healthy homemade but this wrote a letter the good ones wrote me There are a few recipes of good healthy tasty fast and inexpensive sauce will be replaced mayonnaise away mayonnaise and today we will cook only a good product hello sereness so that was something to try your sauce I then son I will say on fishing with something catch us need food and we will go then start let's seriously orbit i also with pleasure
  • 01:31: us for sauces need apples and plums I'm sure that in your garden they have this is our levka girl you that you love eat work work painted with paint type but ice cream sketch makdaniel on the first The sauce we have just will be out of the sink we still need Apples Apples Apples we are located there
  • 02:02: you can i it I'll try class still nothing there is no better than an apple from fruit tree to us enough and all The rest I took with so that we are in principle can begin to cook so what, girls while the men are catching us Let's fish cook 1 sauce with us called apple plum very much it's just about 5-6 medium tomatoes 250 grams already purified
  • 02:32: plums two medium apple but that too somewhere grams 150 200 also we need 75 grams of sugar tablespoon salt a teaspoon of red pepper about 3 tablespoons of vinegar Well, naturally black pepper so we need drain from pits apples need peel and cut and cut one mid-way who will do what? let's say if you subtract only starting bones elena cleans I'll probably eat apples chop the onions up because this
  • 03:04: all the same sauce and sweet and to meat to fish so of course We need a bow here so I'm cutting an onion fairly large because we are all will be his then interrupt a blender how many us apples you need here are two medium apple will be the most time we do now sauce which is very similar to Georgian sauce and in particular weaved this is an excellent replacement sauce to meat Whether kimah is done on alycha and we are quite We can be used if this is not much sweet which else
  • 03:34: slightly hard to we now interrupt basic ingredients which are wet friends and you see that our kitchen assistant coped with this task for a few seconds is very convenient you need to add salt sugar and black pepper stir the keep
  • 04:07: try black well, well, when will he he is ready to stand a little Darker slightly denser that is, excess moisture evaporate so he is ready stiff mating very pleasant sweet and sour sauce so we have left for first sauce literally two ingredient important this carnation and this red peppers we them add to the sauce and literally in 10 minutes before graduation to their taste is not strong
  • 04:37: interrupted me fruity taste so I while I take off the foam as from any other product is better skim order the sauce was transparent heterogeneous yes we should it slightly we will soar it depends on each plates on which prepares in principle minutes 15 20 no more than let it boils itself and we can in principle proceed to the second sauce you just 2 sauce can serve replacing mayonnaise I friends think that you to cook it accurately and as mayonnaise piece then which
  • 05:08: from almost every home and I'm sure that you want it with anything replace again we take two apples advise take all the same more sweet in this we clean them from peel and cores it is natural and at us continues to boil apple sauce me scares the child with such a knife is what she dreams of getting into children's master chef both why should you children's master where already preparing surprises work comes
  • 05:41: before here look the girl in principle could become model yes that's all for this purpose there is a that she is wants to master the boss and she wants to respect and mum schos so something is changing in this life that we still you need to sauce except apples tablespoon mustard powder a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon vinegar and after that we still need a tea
  • 06:11: a spoonful of salt and quite a little pepper we have one more we have a saucepan Add the apples these apples here apples we are slices then the pieces in the that these apples we we put out and they have we must mash so at the same time I add one more a tablespoon of vinegar to up balance sweetness with acid and water is water too somewhere 3-4 tablespoons for order to simply
  • 06:41: the extinguishing process went the third sauce with us rodart we need sour cream lemon juice olives to us will need boiled yolks cucumbers olive oil and some dill, in principle, all products are available and she and the apple mean Who's doing what Lena cuts finely I do not cut cucumbers I just up and olives diana to us tells about his
  • 07:12: achieve something else know how that's here prepared for example It is its most favorite flip flops loved very much better straight herself You cook your hands well, yes. our mother marries yes dad is preparing a dima helps actively as well as a salad and ready I myself know how to dance well done, and even for healthy lifestyle mayonnaise and ketchup there is no good it this until today
  • 07:44: day so we have apples in principle apple puree can now lay out egg yolks I also principle I first but rub on a grater in principle, nothing prevents us from doing so here you are watched closely whereas I do it Here I am right now I will give those my smaller knife them it is more convenient to look at it here here press a finger and lead him let me show it again
  • 08:16: to look that is you collect everything till the heap first then and then Here so here time and rub this there are approximately 10-15 minutes before our the first sauce will be ready this means that I I can throw literally two or three stuffed carnations she is very potent to taste so no longer lay and red ground pepper quite useful and for immunity and for digestion a little
  • 08:46: sharpnesses you know how to lemon you know how to roll again I lemon you even show you take Now this well, as well spatula press and you go for it so that we can get more out there lind me please around the book I will kapitoshki spending kid and I led where I have at 6 years was the first notebooks culinary I consider which literally
  • 09:16: there are two three minutes before The sauce will already be finally ready for see he already thickened yes and liquid practically not separated literally two or three minutes and after that I add bay leaf and the bay leaf will be cool down with sauce in this way he is not too strong will dominate sauce but nevertheless I will taste it bright enough and another small secret is never cut it like this always here to embrace and the top like this Here, cut always will you know what
  • 09:46: fingers in safety so now you trusted to squeeze out the lemon is here as you can and next we will be understand the gustatory Number 3 remains for us just fill it up than we will be fill up and here we have sour cream great let's add there where that table is 120 grams sauce number one we have ready now for the diana we will check your culinary you will have the ability add lemon juice to taste a teaspoonful add i check and we look equally on with you
  • 10:16: taste and this is what cover my boy Yes you that here is here such a spoon food hearths are so like this let's mix meat you tried the sauce is not yet a need to try let's smoke comrade vector on sock area yet salt on add slightly by the way here on for lemon moussaka as
  • 10:46: for me everything is yes to me enough for me too perfectly well add a little more plant in this case olive oil for the sauce to become slightly more liquid and acquired richer texture let's adding and I will stir for a little just about when stirs something year is always more convenient low still twist this is now when he here he is like this he drains he will keep on platter then what should I do with this we finished
  • 11:17: protect ourselves to the sauce number one damn this you now have acts of a bowl and reader is up to poured out slightly wipe it off in order for us it turned out smooth even silky consistency friends I I can not tell you through the screen fragrance this sauce I can say exactly what any type of dressing well, we managed to reach you can buy in store will lose during tasting our sauce and now we it turns out
  • 11:47: return back all back to he still has a stewpan eerie that is, he nothing is brewed he slightly at the finger and yes it will become denser and darker slightly this the process will take a minute ten we will look at the situation interesting pole caught our men want such a fish be on the road I found from this happiness fishes pinned were less ready to fry
  • 12:18: man sauce number two we need two yolks these eggs passed a thermal processing that is they pasteurized need for this do take eggs under their hot water keep two to three minutes for so that they become warm and then omit here on bubbles in boiling water literally on 25-30 seconds, no more than this time is all pathogenic microbes die and the eggs themselves do not have time it will be cooked very
  • 12:48: convenient and really such professional reception which I you I recommend adding to the basis of which we mixed for 2 sauce already prepared yolks two pieces now we need everything well stir while i I will assemble a blender that we will whisk our kitchen assistant but with another a nozzle so sauce number one boils like a you there ok yes turned homogeneous over well
  • 13:18: now I will still be use our kitchen assistant in order to quickly whip the sauce and we have it really will similar to mayonnaise since for all water it almost the same the most useful and from natural products look now you're me will help take a spoon here you type there oil everything is going well for us
  • 13:53: nothing separates that is, oil evenly stir in yolks the class really is one yolk can in yourself to choose 120 milliliters of oil that is roughly speaking per liter of mayonnaise can use 6 yolks in our it remains to add mashed potatoes already cooled down and then we we will adjust with using lemon juice friends look how new cool sauce and
  • 14:24: looks like mayonnaise and there little pieces of apples that attach wonderful fruity aroma this summer sauce which will often replace you all sauces that you bought before put it they want ok, that's it, it's cool. very tasty in the bushes and the last
  • 14:56: what do we need to do is to try the sauce number one is apples from Lego this is the same ketchup replacement which you took so long waited so and now each on a spoon and try it's so cool happened and much tastier than
  • 15:26: ketchup salty and sweet and sourish and keenness I know that there is nothing there except that's basically got we have collected here only what's up in the garden it was very interesting cook these sauces but even more interesting will try them and look at our men's reaction with meat and fish we are going to try for cooking 1 Take the sauce plum onion tomatoes apples sugar salt
  • 15:56: Red pepper vinegar black pepper clove and laurel drain plum clean from bones from apples remove the peel and cut out the heart cut tomatoes and onion all ingredients chop up homogeneous consistency and add the spices cook on a slow fire 30-40 minutes but constantly in the distance lather for 10 minutes to readiness to add cloves and red pepper and Bay leaf ready sauce remove the sieve bones add cloves and cook until thickening yet about 10 minutes for cooking 2 sauce take the apples
  • 16:26: mustard powder sugar vinegar salt water pasteurized yolks olive oil and black pepper apples peel off peels and cores cut into pieces and stew with addition water and vinegar about 20 prepare mustard base sugar powdered vinegar add salt and black pepper connect the bases with with egg yolks whisk up thickening slowly introducing olive oil stir the apple puree add the lemon juice for cooking 3 Take the sauce
  • 16:56: sour cream lemon juice olives, motor creepy marinated cucumbers olive oil dill and the apple is all solid ingredients finely cut fill sour cream add olive oil and lemon juice and salt to taste hello are you on fire mangal and meat and fish and sauce and potato pasta Here is Nikolai nikolaevich laid out arriving work is not all
  • 17:26: the check is all right the truth is yummy delicious is better and I thought so before cook sauces like us and maybe even better than hello youtube want to know a lot interesting recipes from all over the world subscribe to our channel and will cook together