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Knitting by a hook. Description. Lesson 4. Row 28. A beautiful plaid – a mandala, flowers, patterns, motives a hook  See details »



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  • 00:12: let's detail look at 28 years but this series will stand Now tie this part of it is mainly of columns without sc a little bit
  • 00:30: polustolbikov and most difficult part of mountains and we will focus on it very detailed here and so is this Area look air chain stitches missed back like a flower Well
  • 01:04: so it is best to choose color in twenty the eighth row of the same which I was in the 26 to Here's the pitch It was a continuation of the same color twenty-sixth row Here we knit this column two sc but this bars turn continuation of these columns and forms a petal so the color on
  • 01:31: I got to take this the same as we have in twenty-sixth row that you have a general idea we do months and then I tell we will detail through the boards and start number in one of the type any peak column, without sc initial column without
  • 02:00: sc google Now air and triple cluster code three pillars with two sc knit front with two columns sc provyazyvayu I detail behind it all show not to frighten further two air loop 2 polustolbika 2 Air loops 2 polustolbika 2 Air loops 2 column, without sc 2
  • 02:32: Air loops 2 column, without sc 9 without repetition of such sc 9 and columns between the two chains of two stitches go here here ninth repetition this is a repetition of 9 two columns 2 polustolbika 2 Air loops 2 polustolbika 2 aerial loops etc.
  • 03:00: knit it only complex petals of clusters rules three pillars with two sc provyazyvaem front chain of the air loops with a column without sc with pico let us now
  • 03:30: We analyze in detail all ready Getting Started series starting with initial column without knit sc in any of the peaks here in This petal we these four petals 4 pi half here in any seam and we We start number column without sc
  • 04:01: We launched a series of further 4 air hinges and further provyazyvaem Now this item triple cluster front sounds not terribly fit really not very difficult it is not very scary making 2 sc and provyazyvaem post with
  • 04:30: with two sc frontaxle here this column from that of that which we started our google provyazyvaem not to end times two left two loops on two do hook sc and provyazyvaem the second column again any three loops on hook
  • 05:01: We do two more nakida and for the third bar in front 1 let's and now all that's the loop that our hook in provyazyvaem one loop here such we petal Got it It called triple a cluster of columns with two sc knit knit
  • 05:31: front because we captured here these bars front mix like this here in front grab So skip a Makes 2 Air skip the loop 4 column here these here here we have a petal
  • 06:01: These columns that the consequences side of the square's we are the first four skip 1 2 3 4 and this loop we're doing polustolbik January 2 3 4 1 polustolbik
  • 06:30: 2 polustolbika and then two air loop loop and skip 2 again 2 polustolbika 1 2 we now get this here chain of the air
  • 07:00: loops and beyond Now polustolbika two air loops and later in two loops miss two column, without sc we reduce the height our columns this were all polustolbiki bars because we remember that we This angle is a little just above and here we we are reducing to naught vyvyazyvayut's height this angle and here
  • 07:31: We need poles and so small the first two strings, we do with polustolbikami and 9 times more columns 2 columns, without sc sc 2 without air Loop 2 column without Air nakida 2 Loop 2 column without Air nakida 2 loop between the columns, too We passed through 2 loops repeat
  • 08:00: such repetitions 92 should be at polustolbikom and 9 bars without sc meet at the polustolbikov Now I knit 9 repetition of columns without sc and 2 stitches 9 repeating two column, without sc 2 Air loops 2 column, without sc 2 Air loop 9 times
  • 08:32: we repeated and We come to that we must do now two polustolbika two skip the loop and now two polustolbikov increase the height columns We could not have been possible more to make it 2 Air loop 1 2 2 polustolbika January 2
  • 09:15: so here 2 polustolbika and we should stay 4 column without a sc of previous row 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 column 1 2 3 4
  • 09:35: column we do 2 air loop and provyazyvaem terrible cluster of three pillars with two sc that provyazyvayutsya with frontaxle three pillars with twenty-sixth row Front 1 more month
  • 10:04: we did 2 sc We found three under the first pillar hook grab the thread and not to provyazyvaem the end of 1 two sc ipad 2
  • 10:32: not just until the end of 2 nakida ipad 3 provyazyvaem January 2 go whence do not end up here with us 4 on the hook and loop Now we stretch one strand 1
  • 11:01: Now available from us another petal Makes 4 Air loop 2 3 4 and do without a column sc in peak column, without sc But on Sharapov turned
  • 11:30: let us repeat well put so the beginning of a series of initial column, without sc speakon in any corner of 4 air hinges triple cluster of three pillars with two sc knit 3 column two sc twenty sixth row 2 Air loops 2 polustolbika 2 Air loops 2 polustolbika such 2 more repetitions
  • 12:00: Makes 2 Air Loop 2 column without Air nakida 2 Loop 2 column without sc such repetitions nine one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 and gave 2 reps with the posts without polustolbiki two air loops and triple cluster 4 air hinges column, without sc with
  • 12:31: picot so we repeat all four sides the twenty-eighth series I completed my left only knit connective column the first peak the first column without sc which was knit the first peak now we have do so here
  • 13:01: our we turn corners that injection and air chains of air loops that seem to be behind seemed that they just less than a must it be done specifically that they passed Rear work like this get very pretty
  • 13:31: so I turn beko anus she had wrapped he'll be back in the same place and the chain runs behind and here we a petal obtained check yourself count all loop twenty-eighth row we should received a total of 116
  • 14:00: ie those loops that's any column knit 116 8 chains 4 Air loop here just such chains should be 8 two on each corner 56 under the two chains air hinges are knit
  • 14:31: such chains on around the perimeter be 56