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  • 00:03: you cook Jean Cake Krakow and it can be composed of first two layers I need the dough Dough Butter butter sugar 1 egg yolk flour a little salt and baking powder or soda to extinguish citric acid two formats second layer sugar almond I had scalded He held the boiling water few minutes later merged
  • 00:31: water cleansed skin and an oven to dry at 180 degrees for ten minutes protein flour and oil 3 room temperature sugar and egg yolk all this
  • 01:01: I grind to lush weight almost He is now dissolved add baking powder flour and knead
  • 01:36: just you go square all you need necessity repeat q
  • 02:06: spatula white flour advance in the ass bottle I will bake to the floor
  • 02:31: ready yet a first layer of an oven preparing a second layer proteins are proteins whip sbiva slightly something like nuts
  • 03:16: knead shift the weight pan
  • 03:30: stirring with a spatula heat the said 6 minutes on medium heat stirring all the time rise to no prigoralo such viscous mass a couple of minutes more prevented that after Now cool add flour themselves
  • 04:05: This second layer also ready and what came floor preparing those spread filling Now deploy the ladies slightly dry that She appeared fragile crust
  • 04:33: It took 15 minutes formed a crust 1 visually prevazhno spatula gently I passed on to pan able to be about three centimeter
  • 05:07: and again put comma oven for one hundred and ten degrees closed dry 20 as a piccolo source that vetch had such suspension shesterochka
  • 05:35: his wife is cool dry and very tasty sweet cake Krakow ready to enjoy appetite