How to replace rise loops when knitting with a hook  See details »

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  • 00:00: now you want show and tell how you can replace air hinges lifting knitting Crochet is usually around given that 3 air hinges lifting replaced column one sc in some products when the thread very thin column column of air loops very thin
  • 00:32: and he turns It goes into the seam at ie crosslinking can be broken I work drawing personally I do so I dovyazala this sample I did the last loop I pull loop turn sample making and sc almost the same the place where the left a loop knitting column
  • 01:02: it is not thicker Air from live loops and can already be will sew pattern I will not be broken I show on thick Threads make it so now I know better little knit and show ending
  • 01:33: Bijou modeled me I need, and I know hook injected
  • 02:19: best to get in the center column previous row then he will not be embarrassed here give him until the end sample one column provyazyvayu following We are doing so injected in the last column pull loop and again next
  • 02:49: pull loop and provyazyvaem and we get a little thickened last bar but now we can safely sew the two halves products and we pattern in the seam area not violated luck all