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  • 00:00: hello today we will talk about most attractive that We have our hands is or we continue our theme for physical body and that you want loving care and so today you I show that it is possible to do with his hands that they are always always beautiful We were proud and to this proverb who say that hand gives our age you never not confirmed so today we deal with our
  • 00:30: Ideally hands Of course if you there is a possibility that you can do at home bath baths hands can do various take such salt or salt sea salt or Usually in warm vodichku somewhere 36-38 degrees and even enough if you hurt joints can put more salt to do more concentrated solution, and then you We have done to make this warming tray
  • 01:00: pen removing inflammation thanks to the joint salt and then further you can spread them any oil well, here I am such as evil today Now apricot oil it very well softens and it is in pharmacy there apricot peach almond any oil can castor but Castor oil best done Hand wraps that is, ideally you on night spreadable arms castor oil then dress gloves cotton how much you drink
  • 01:31: can hold at least Sunu really can at least two hours ago at you get hands thanks to oil warm up inflammation of the joints shoots and after you oil warmed hands morning you can still to do gymnastics I have gymnastics necessarily show and now here I am to you also say that after you like Foot made Foot is still possible make potato e.g. after as potatoes decoction trampoline vodichku mucus and
  • 02:01: also put it Handle only course water should not be very hot somewhere 38 degrees, too, you put pen minutes 15 They warmed their softened types of further lubricated they begin to butter do such a gym and massage now I want show take Oil little science and so well triturated hand carriage
  • 02:31: so we can check hands can take massager I like a spoon what she did It called the way in pharmacy miracle mitten On the one hand it has such teeth more flat and rare tidy and with on the other hand they smaller but no more thorns that warms up quickly and
  • 03:01: Using this mittens We can be so it's very good rub hands can take silicone hand to action necessarily so circular way movements we take We warm up well their hands at least once 20 in a new location this is the hand that is good then warmed change the mitten and the same most do, and
  • 03:32: heading April and smashed her hands too full all all entirely hand fine then the second part is important and But the second side she is a prickly instantly warm hands and ca. well good it myagenkaya such It passes from on joints
  • 04:02: unless they are aggravated certainly not very sore point aggravation better by joints terrace so as not to cause swelling and that's the way again and work out change m sustavchikov all is well able to improve blood flow in the first mochalochkoy the peeling for hands and then heating We start doing this
  • 04:35: Now I'm a massage stroking fingers from the tips of the side heart and say that's the way at least once 3 each finger here then the other arm and stroked horoshenechko then you can fully that's like a pen that there is a current that was not here large veins at such
  • 05:05: hands because it simple blood stagnates hands always down lever how big and we widen still true we severity dish board that's very good shake hands and so is how quickly fast fast fast fast fast fast also improves capillary exchange can be raised they shake you up generally well outflow Blood then again emptied again shook shaking hands warm
  • 05:37: become such direct warm living living arms then it is possible so a way to make some tweezers again repeat if joints hurt by not by the joint three between them and pass so every finger too times three So each finger
  • 06:10: if it is not clear can make a stop another look and so we passed all their fingers thus massaged again then it is possible for two the first pads second finger, too thing again also pass time also three times each finger you see the movie series, see there not just consider You do not waste time doing a so, too,
  • 06:40: We spend all fingers again stroked the handle horoshenechko one then the second handle then you can pat okay well knead large finger like this way mash palms because sometimes here there are here I have the same on the tendon but after you bath warmed hands and razmassirovat then even more thumb Here are massaged bands they become softer then and
  • 07:11: you are all stretch like this way we have fingers and pull you We have always been here we should have an angle 90 degrees meaning you put straight handle and stretch their if not immediately it turns out like this It means here and so so more like this more and more stretch hold directly to hands have
  • 07:42: beautiful fingers you Despite the fact that I '24 do Well I try to massage do these exercises to arms We have always been in order and because it is Firstly my work secondly tool all the same for women it is very important in addition, always I am leaving it to do and Cure and not caring for cuticle all Ukhanov for that now a lot of money stretched again little handles
  • 08:14: shook removed stress out stretch and bend Now in this way fingers try to our our 3 phalanx she belonged Direct palms here so if someone just do not get nothing wrong and big order we keep hold all It will be gradual and again we we stretch breathe We sit quietly and if not immediately pull
  • 08:45: obtained midday as the and then it turns out Now bend unbend thus granddaughter you can do up to 100 times again relaxed pen stroked you can again stretch and I pulled the hand you so you can show and stretch anywhere put on the table there Handle how comfortable you and pull if some joint of your checks
  • 09:16: fingers you You feel drawn bad note pull personally Thumb take and now you do not I can thus 2 get the look Here, too, drew his another finger and another one finger, and so all fingers pass check they have We are drawn to to handle all our We were in order, and again pat
  • 09:48: Again, you can add of butter and horoshenechko again marched through fingers because Look closely at the fingers gymnastics, we again break through to to improve bed even without removing I get tired of swelling their mobility fingers and hands because his hands up like all in the body we always the most important thing Su body should be order and again rubbed horoshenechko shook and checked carefully that we still do not
  • 10:20: folded or not yet warmed up We spent running out cam looked if we do something else Do some sustavchikov and swollen you can still take of butter and another straight if the inflammation now I'm in the middle joints need neatly neatly here in this way joint massage then there is such checks man is here
  • 10:50: a lot of them now! business various stores there it disappeared so I buklirovannoy such evil is good polishes the skin, too you can take and here directly on the polished the skin of hands in order that she was take beautiful here and at least to the elbow arm elbow to us hand was beautiful apart from the fact that we we train more do gymnastics there hand we must still by polishing the skin
  • 11:21: that she was beautiful and brilliant smooth and a second handle all of this as well we have done hands immediately healed wonderful life and became absolutely we hot if you You will do it regularly then you will not It will be nothing delayed for arm joints will
  • 11:51: always nice we do warmed again if you believe that you there is some inflammation Still in the joints I like you recommended spread again I repeat castor put oil cotton gloves and go to bed if you are at this moment Miss loops then just sit in Although these gloves a part 2 and after you you took off the gloves can once again
  • 12:21: do gymnastics and stretch well fingers and so they have to be I'm always nice to you wish all the best goodbye