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Clarification of an organism. Anti-parasitic clarification. Test for definition of existence of parasites.  See details »



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  • 00:00: purification of the body this theme is very interested many but at the same time It causes many questions if we We are talking about cleansing parasite is the first question that gets and how determine if there have I have parasites or not but I want you gladden may conversely grieve not know parasites have each jarosite world read viruses bacteria worms
  • 00:30: simple fungi here so numerous Zoo who lives within our the body and principle is a joint coexistence Actually it normal relations because they all perform their we need function but the situation could spiral beyond the norm when violated certain equilibrium when there is disease to parasites It has all but
  • 01:01: get sick from them all and only those who are on whatever their due to reasons some actions or omission weakens your immunity and allows thereby our cohabitant who for fact should silently and covertly subsist on us due to its host allows them stormy start life and lead a person to disease there Of course a lot
  • 01:31: methods how to identify the presence of parasites the body is and by arizona bioresonant methods it or laboratory research but there is in general, a simple test which is certainly not not replace the laboratory does not bioresonance but will help orient and at least help define so to say the degree of impairment this balance is
  • 02:01: have parasites have all we understand the test will determine the not the presence of parasites it is the presence of say So disequilibrium you need a piece of paper and will continue to suggested questions to which you must answer 3 selecting one of the three and three options assign him number of points further you calculate These points add up and see the key to
  • 02:32: test determine their condition of the body I I will not be long dwell on questions I will read them but you have probably still press the pause to have time to respond questions and give them to number of points you feel sick in the morning you experience discomfort when cleaning the teeth in the
  • 03:02: the use of food you say that you lips pale skin gums doctors find you anemia and can not improve your with the help of state medicated methods you feel discomfort in belly you are violation indigestion indigestion food belching, etc. You unstable table periodically there frustration of a chair fence and diarrhea color change
  • 03:32: blotches you feeling constant weight in right field hypochondria and Remember to click on pause and answer continue on you often have migraine headaches have tormented occasionally cough you feel sharp discomfort recurrent pain tingling in large
  • 04:03: knee joints and hip shoulder elbow in you found A sharp a drop of me to Unfortunately it is worth write word I do not see the last issue themselves just reading it correctly you fasten into the teeth during sleep at night we They began to eat more constantly feel
  • 04:33: hunger without you apparent reason appear allergic skin rashes and mucosal itching steel swelling appear on hands and feet gulls reduced operability not tired quickly you can do physical and mental work as a before suffering from various chronic bad disease treatable
  • 05:03: experience periodically or constant pain stomach and other parts of the body and Now the last question I also closed inscription unfortunately my circuit so read you themselves and answer Of course do not forget click on pause dumatelya read all questions and the answer they have occasionally happens
  • 05:36: itching in the back passage your family members We observed the same Symptoms like you to This test is finished Now put on pause read points and depending on how much points you get read your result I will not you read it You do it yourself analyze your condition Of course again
  • 06:06: I repeat that it is not replace laboratory examination is not will replace bioresonant survey but it will give you some in such a direction which you can dabbled spend some antiparasitic cleaning there are ways many ways and there is a very simple how absolutely safe, and I will give
  • 06:36: some links to them at my channel will a variety of topics connected with the purification of the body well, although it was then that you can try and choose a something suitable If you are interested in the topic theme cleansing not only on parasites topic in general cleanse the body toxins deposition of salts all
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