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  • 00:09: Hi everybody! As you may know, you often have to cut tile while putting, and match it by sizes But what are we supposed to do, if we need to cut just one piece of tile? I think you won't spend money on tile cutter because of one piece of tile Today I'm going to tell you how to cut tile without tile cutter The first thing to substitute tile cutter is glass cutter, the second thing is tungsten-carbide drill
  • 00:34: which will scratch the tile, and the third one is stationary knife, which everyone has at home Well, let's start The first and the most simple way is to use a glass cutter Draw the line, place glass cutter underneath the tile, and press it from the both sides
  • 01:05: The second way is to use a drill. We have to make a small scratch with the cutting side
  • 01:31: The third way is to use a stationary knife The only difference is that we have to scratch along the tile for several times to make a deeper chink
  • 02:11: That's all. I think it will help you to retrench too. Thank you for your attention Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, press thumb up, if you liked the video and write in comments what you want me to show you in the next video Thanks for your attention one more time. Bye-bye!