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Only two exercises eliminate an acute pain in a waist in only 5 minutes - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: I can recommend two exercises that patient can perform yourself without risk of harm himself from them Either way will not and much worse improve their state in terms of lowering the came the painful Network syndrome of the patient as generally fails patients with lumbar
  • 00:31: pain quietly suited to any horizontal whether the plane bed and a table in the house our case couch transferring little by little weight He laid his hands thorax quietly on the couch or any horizontal plane at the same time draws attention to the fact that bony landmarks pots should rest against this plane hold the handle full body relaxed leg muscles and gluteal region
  • 01:01: too relaxed then the patient makes slow deep diaphragmatic breath that is, at the same time It does not work rib cell and inflated stomach the patient inhales He holds his breath himself counts one two three four then makes a smooth exhale situation repeated 78 times then the patient again also paying attention to First of all hands
  • 01:33: and transferring the weight to them smooth and quietly raises such approaches It can be made for March 2 by the fact that most body is horizontally position by pelvic mass and leg It occurs smoothly and slowly and traction lumbosacral department while those muscles that usually habits and takes their participation in This pain syndrome erectors and square muscle time to waist slowly stretch
  • 02:03: and relax relax at the expense of this fails to achieve a reduction degree is expressed pain the patient becomes genucubital I will pass through the position regardless the conditions in which it is being home or away from home It is worth note that the knees practically maximally divorced in hand and hands are perpendicularly relatively Seattle that their joints are do not go ahead but
  • 02:33: they do not go back wrong when the patient takes position with unnatural lordosis in our muscles and so tense and unnatural kyphosis do and normally do not need to neutral position on relaxed muscles usually at pains the body takes natural neutral position neck relaxed little head hangs after Then when the patient I took this position again does slow breath in
  • 03:04: stomach can train and control 2 to talking to the abdomen is inflated the stomach and even then there is a slow exhalation exhale breathe out while you can represent that navel going toward spine on at maximum exhalation This tightens both gluteal muscles and anal muscles ring expiratory Pauses 4 seconds later done again
  • 03:34: slow breath in stomach due to such of muscle we again maximally unload lumbar making soft traction ie drawing the lumbar then the patient does breath back neutral so you can position repeat seven eight times and make two or three approach usually due to this here unable to exercise relieve muscle spasms and reduce the degree of severity pain
  • 04:04: Pole on the order of 75 80 per cent of harm this exercise I can not imagine