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Why hands grow dumb. Mikhail Trebin and Tatyana Ushakova in New Morning.  See details »



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  • 00:00: people after a small separation meet but I left just I have not seen for glad Michal fasten our medical examiner and topic today enough can be interesting she somehow As for you, we talk about why numb hands so and why do not they here are the reasons Of course as always car and small truck there are things that directly which affect this
  • 00:30: linked to some malformations cervical ribs have such things and even they stairs only surgically basically there predisposing Factors short neck but that's the very muscles that cause in generally not less than hand is not called red ladder color Image if a person has to shortened seamstresses tilted forward a first rib up and just that's all neurovascular beam and has more likely to infringe but somehow check the
  • 01:00: yes yes this one stair syndrome muscles you or not which is just one major that causes hand numbness We need to raise your hand up tilt this just head toward minute can held there for nothing not numb not It is very likely that you do not have this syndrome as soon as It begins at least goose says that somewhere, somewhere, he near walks and creeps on Actually it quite like common pathology which is not Only because of these stair muscles but
  • 01:30: for people who working hands upstairs there does some painting work and so on and so on very much actual topic the second most the reason for this neck osteochondrosis he appears usually come line or at night man gets hands from lying for no they should have taken go grind in running very variants ie it night drill vayuschie pulling pain people go to the hand Nechay there that only do not make rubs her such a
  • 02:00: ointments and so on so etc. etc. width with master Fein cervical osteochondrosis that is distinguished those things which are more likely to provoke so it is a cervical hernia cervical hernia special neck department its innervation such that the roots spinal nerves of the cervical spine go direct angles and so even you walk a little drive his anatomical edge on two or three millimeters just can cause a sharp unrelenting pain to be give right there We were in the left hand
  • 02:31: sometimes they change places and people here it is strong enough hurts and that's why always before so say these doctors and or take some to measures that have Above all, it Now remove this department That is a simple option and radiography cervical spine you no money if the money allow Magnetic Resonance imaging that time to respond again to all issues that have if compression nerve root if some vascular anomalies etc. etc.
  • 03:01: etc. There's a whole a lot of problems here wait for it trine gene so to speak in detail response to what you yes do not worry because they remind otherwise seen in March and roots and disks and vascular plexus all the things that just subjected to zone conflict and on X-rays can be seen only the very basis of the bone vertebrae and all that there is a kind way for example as in the disk Unfortunately we are not seen can this trench after on stage so do not spend money on MRI and already go to Dr. ie The finished result see here is 151 guy problems February 2
  • 03:34: root problems thing is he cervical spine is crossroads of many reflex pathways say the same voltage stingy chicas the pelvic diaphragm has quietly transferred to the neck Front can cause I'll start at least a hand a problem will be sit deep in the pelvis people will take these Events do massage and stretching and so on torture different techniques manual'naya in including cervical sense will be enough to thousands for it look deeper and So as regards
  • 04:04: mechanical factors, ie it any injury coccyx in childhood usually fall in so let's say on a sled a hill where there is another skate where there are people drops to children in age it all It is proceeding quite easy it is either in general, or cards fleeting episode child does not feel or 12 days on dumps coccyx are wrong many positions shell tensioned structures as though in this department it is transmitted Brain Neck Front conflict
  • 04:34: situation appears 10 15 years is also very very common cause ashkatarrasa convinced I am listening to you Michael that if it hurts hand nakedness completely it is not in your hands and feet and the need to look somewhere all other parts of the body other parts of stagnation began not hurt herself and problem and compensation body that is the body he himself He is trying nasvete no wind tightened Turnover eased to reach should go up here this is kinematic biomechanical a backbone chain and see real The reason is very often she is in
  • 05:05: completely different spine absolutely on the other side is not there, and pain but we talked about mechanical if other causes reasons for it Venus has and there psychosomatic reason is to Monique much much said that there rib cage the area above the collarbone is a powerful psychosomatic areas which contain Statement emotional the human condition Left typical places these are our grievances this unrealized plan and the right to the right parts subclavian zone is our sense
  • 05:35: responsibility is control of the situation continuous if people say big head continuously mother there He is looking for his team sit there for accountant sky reporting home home all controls begins to reflexively strained right case there is a very major vascular structures that save up for yourself I did not begin to stress less rub can occur even without formidable armor manifestations of the same As for the left and guilt yes especially his affects women when it begins to yourself blaming something there I think that's wrong
  • 06:05: Received cheat cheat cheat ie one side of emotions with others side of the body responds it to specific physical spasm Which can appear relaxed night they minigame to Sorry take care themselves and not be nervous do not worry as nothing but in general take life quieter Mikhail tripoli today our studio we We talked about why numb hands I hope that this the conversation was useful to you they also have We Artur Matveev news