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APPLES compote for the WINTER. Very tasty vitamins!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends and plants gardeners and again welcome you all in the kitchen and on the its channel in the garden Do in the garden and as always with you Julia and me today we talk to you again and preparation and I will I want to tell you how I do Kampot I draw from Kampot apples before I tell you I told I do make a compote of raspberry, and in general, it very much reviews
  • 00:30: who makes a Kampot Kampot do everything in differently here specifically let's stop on apple compote here's my butterfly that's just hot Here's how and Greece and Close How do I a compote of apples Firstly, I always how do I put full jar try apples put full bank because Apples are filled sugar syrup very tasty and winter
  • 01:01: they are, in principle, compote eaten that is, we fully It is not so important in water compote how own delicious apples that can be then use even as a filling for pie that I make with apples they have such device here wait a bit already fastened for many years she told me It is faith and I think the truth of all it is, I do not like apples that were sliced
  • 01:32: what I do I take this device That's how it is done So I very quickly pull and seredinochku of apple and I make further I bank my bank does not sterilize washed jar can be good with baking soda then how can someone who is with than washed jar jar clean and We begin to fill it apples course
  • 02:02: the be yourself some apples I future and will Makes direct full jar filling apples Here I added gooseberry why Gooseberry you added you know like new and color is up beautiful and simple but we have a harvest in This year my dear gardeners, I do not I know what to do with it it froze that just do not do all my tear marvel Marvel actually gooseberry very a lot and so I think
  • 02:32: I will add here that's the beautiful color and general, he gives the taste very good Gooseberry even very tasty it add if you do Assorted garden so I you gave a prescription add at least small handful there is very gooseberry get a taste extraordinary Well We have washed the bank posted here and so herring in apple excised filled Bank means everything but apples Here it is desirable to simply
  • 03:02: some apples or here in moment and it Now gooseberries the most important thing for my task is that save apples then what do we do more filled I had a jar filled completely completely straight apples filled then we have to you cook syrup that is, we take with you here on this bank about leaving somewhere but a half liter liquid liter 700 here
  • 03:32: so about because that it is fully filled we sypem with you 400 grams of sugar should never regret sugar and because banks are not buried in general preform It will be delicious apples your will be very We have put delicious you boil here This sugar syrup ie 700 liter liquid and 400 grams granulated sugar as soon as we have with
  • 04:03: you boiled syrup we'll fill our apples this syrup and necessary put sterilized I sterilize here this three-liter jar 10-15 minutes, no more but should be sterilized it is necessary because not all do not have Everyone has a cellar cold one stores in the apartment Many do not speak bother
  • 04:33: pour boiling water syrup wrapped and as they say all No, let's all the same we'll do with you shall weld a syrup It means 700 liters of water that's 400 grams sugar and before digging before digging in to tip of a knife slightly literally a little bit a little bit add lemon acid on direct
  • 05:03: tip of a knife All syrup poured pro sterilized We got a beam add lemon acid We rolled inverted the bank does not wrap up We are confused already You do not need anything and she like this in the air costs and cools This compote store is not a year or two hide it very good try and the most delicious important when many apples in general It is very good
  • 05:34: way to one of the same ways how save all the same Well, perhaps apples here is a small Well here's a little information and still One recipe I wanted to you share with you like me manufactures apples I do compote apples Well on this I finish my I report to you was Yulia me his good you great harvests till