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  • 00:05: but next section we are offering to you several exercises that can be and it is necessary to perform perform in acute most acute pain back do not be afraid do not rush call an ambulance aid ambulance is yourself but select any of these movements and I follow him
  • 00:30: I assure you that after 5-10 minutes fulfillment of these movements more decrease its intensity you can own exit to work or come in Gene Therapy Center Where to get more qualified and volume without help of drugs and drugs drug use postpones your recovery remember this village you good
  • 01:07: to relieve acute pain in the lower part back or radiculitis or acute hernia spine we we recommend the use of krill compress ie any cold world compressor special burners placed under the lumbar and the upper part is thicker It starts slowly lying on it compression unbend
  • 01:30: and spine upwards then connect the legs and with every movement mobility spine increases shooting pain will removed not by not due to the cold movement and at the expense muscle strain lower extremities upper back simple straight arthrosis and 100 knee arthritis joints we we recommend despite the complexity of
  • 02:00: exercise to go on lap can impose their knees compress ice you can rely on who chairs located on the sides but walking on trunk lap course OK clad knees as we lets talk remove the swelling and improve lymphatic flow in knee joints that other situations prevent getting rid of
  • 02:31: inflammation and edema knee after mastering the walk on his knees, you can boldly gradually to fall back on his heels possible between the thigh and shin underlay pillow and cushion any comply with this exercise of pain in the muscles thighs Fear you nothing You will break not sever but day-to-day sinking lower and below would eventually restore full
  • 03:00: knees mobility structure and deliver against this What it seemed to have got out not long sharp knee arthritis joints an exercise which you meet It helps to better understand capabilities the human body believe yourself
  • 03:30: regain confidence and the confidence you need us more than ever to live not live without health confident practically it is impossible to live on Trainspotting live from start to call to an emergency assistance to emergency assistance flour live move smiling sun the world currently without movement understand this can not perform
  • 04:00: it regularly every day slightly you want to perform longer follow but more than most Scary when you do not You may perform this slightly let 2