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EXERCISES FOR JOINTS from doctor Bubnovsky - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: beginning of autumn wet weather is the cold rain in especially older people age group morning stiff joints as they say marked for you then there are people who feel pressure changes Atmospheric and other atmospheric phenomena it is on the joints it is normal to Unfortunately people with weak muscles unemployed regularly gymnastic exercises for
  • 00:30: joints but that no less necessary am start slowly you you woke up no need to wake up jump on the run the kitchen and the jackpot sandwiches first make gymnastics unwind and all joints must be remembered that the blood circulation It goes in a circle on the left down and bottom up, and joints for our It arises as to congestion and they may swell ankle knee joints so slowly and make such
  • 01:00: exercise these joints come in norm well, for example, we see you woke up I not opened his eyes downloading and the first that make the first student start in gymnastics foot joints and make the movement to failure max on himself and Feel yourself as a you work tense muscles leg and foot is movement causes
  • 01:30: feeling like like legs enveloped eagerly because shifted dramatically blood spot and went on then circle develop from the mouth Points twist them not rushes in together together by myself alternately about crunch joints because in the morning joint necessarily will pop this exercise It gives very great pleasure I stop to think that if you are in every
  • 02:00: side and do 20 Repeat this will enough for to launch circulation and microcirculation then it is necessary to work out joints knees and bend by turns and extending a foot in the knee joint as a if you go to the heel your heel away from you sock over here stretch This exercise can be do any bed man I call This gymnastics or lazy morning after gymnastics this bend your put on your lap
  • 02:31: shoulder width and develop this hip turns to floating knee between his legs to touch the floor or I try to do it in this case is very work well hip joints thus circulation has risen higher belt after that to work with poyasnichka bend legs and make such floor bridge exhale in bed These exercises can be do 8-15 repetition at least until that while you
  • 03:01: You get pleasure after that if there Maybe if all you can still be pulled not necessary He pulls his hands behind head but just take hold of the neck legs pulled together heels on my own heels over and stretched his legs and try to pull shoulders and legs up on myself and you here is stepwise movement get a very OK It includes all spine until neck this exercise
  • 03:31: very useful and has already your body begins feel that You have woken up feeling well then stand on the fours and in bed and slowly inspiratory and expiratory lift unbend perish back here it is exercise is very good but if you bed with elastic such orthopedic a mattress can be
  • 04:01: even complicate the same hands-ahead cat and back and forth Now move it movement is unbend stretches the lower back and, in general, have you They were charged by the way exactly like exercise helps work intestines that in the morning is not enough it is important that there is not it was stagnant phenomena necessarily keep near the bed cup of water and do this exercise 23 smoothly and thereafter
  • 04:31: you can start hygiene procedures you woke up the joint Checks earned pain Tanya held good morning