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  • 00:11: Hello dear Friends today we Let us examine you a kind of loop as they tie on canvas the girl asked Well how one embodiment Now with the canvas Garter but
  • 00:30: it does not matter to you drawing or something else like this here loop for rezinochki from 1 to 1mu let 1 facial 1 Wrong on small buttons of this is how I tied q & a small midnight I'm here I will subtracting the average
  • 01:00: five do not at the average size buttons knit certain the number of loops there also another fusion It depends on how much you how will wide or a very product to you for days from the start I Bates on drawing stone me here purl means purl loops mbar once the shaft 3
  • 01:35: but let's do 4 on 4 big scare loops there too must watch whichever thickness you just yarn look close gi'gel and here is your button We continue to knit on Figure 4 tabs I Now I chose turns to the other side of the idea We will add these four five knit
  • 02:02: our primary loop and then add the 4 ie as loops at its simplest, set of loops exactly as we are add so much loop as we has lowered Do not be afraid do much large loop it is always possible decrease slightly so it's not scary 4 eyelets added and
  • 02:31: go on knit in pattern What you have there is and here we have a loop and there were binding on further Figure know about continue to knit cloth eyelets is located on distance from each friend how much you often want or rarely embroider button and your done
  • 03:01: we have this turned so now climb and We will planochka facial and Wrong and small loops to this will show you how I made to suit to suit the loops because I this time there He missed and I now showing it make up for show Now a little bit about I see the world, and more
  • 03:31: planochki will of right and wrong loops So he'll pickle this is normal It has turned out such a such loops can be do this girls where to cut slot is undesirable because that then go remains open sing strings it ends thread can canvas bloom undesirable cut
  • 04:00: better just to about the web depends the only thing when it happens that forget to do eyelet I have it also happens then we have to but of course visit Of course, it is desirable cut it all the way Now I have. throw leads facial purl clinic I will do a loop inside I need to sing just run neatly on cloth so between the two
  • 04:31: facial loops I I will make the hole and knit as his sight edge you tied up and defines virgin You will be a loop and I take off the front tabs on seamy that is, I, I turned loop is not so convenient to all and here there are two together provyazyvayu front loop and sc and more
  • 05:02: by drawing down the drawing and as you see you loop turns between two tracks facial loops and Why when you knit it you will as if it would not be very significantly this loop and It would be nice look at knitting canvas you I did this lucky lucky loop water knit loop on the front seamy side
  • 05:30: that is, on the other side I will have Wrong, and here's how You see it here loop and it is not disrupted in Figure and goes for the hole this for a small for small buttons if I knit here this here is the canvas and is not very the dense even a little frightened more and here you can extend the simply just like that
  • 06:00: Now push all it will be a little more Now in this way all knit loops on my I hope you had and it is clear to you the video will be useful and let us consider the case how to loop process can still be if desired de Tresses you want it I have a small loop I want it to sheathe as
  • 06:31: these products how we do it, I I show other another thread colors that he was Abu more prominent and took double thread more thick and begin sheathing from figure that is here open your axis is when and to plan other hand it from inside the a little further from I will make loops a few stitches to consolidate thread then here
  • 07:03: this part of it You do not need to crash it was the main fasten thread straight a few stitches next I make two stitch cover I'll cut right to it is less Michaud grandchildren.
  • 07:34: now on We start sheathing on around here to kill so I thread so put it'll drive here because I like a thread Here lies inside such a loop in our get this Peter and further along the circle
  • 08:06: Well And so throughout circle loops sheathe but neatly strongly tightening but also not much to it stretched glue
  • 09:01: this part we will Attending for the rounded from the open of the strips it we will be opening it should cover buttons of neatly about to try stitches were neat
  • 09:34: in a decorative We have finish eyelets
  • 10:14: can often stitches do you have to be thicker steering wheel and code, and so the circle and those years often make but just quickly I want therefore more seldom their case and so all left in a circle and here we fix
  • 10:30: again thread again make a few stitches beginning we had already we fix our konechnik and a few stitches fasten thread blunt end of the bridge was beautiful club can all He said this here at We loop turns decoratively
  • 11:00: framed them loops and can be fix this finish, and that's all you can handle can this small loop also but the process here I say be cautious if a small loop It can be more thin thread all this and more to sheathe I hope you had clear until the next Lykov