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  • 00:03: Now I'll show you how to cook good sugar icing for cakes take 1 teaspoon gelatin, take two tablespoons Cold water pour gelatin gelatin to leave five minutes that he set the time cook sugar take 1 cup of syrup 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 00:30: tablespoons of water all mix set on a slow fire Stir and wait until the sugar The sugar solution is already He is now dissolved add gelatin mix take mixer and quickly bring down until the mixture turn white
  • 01:06: icing I'm ready to beat out its 2-3 minute now she It should be a little bit cool because if you will be hot glaze watering cakes all you glaze also down uplyvet I want to say that you do not and must leave glaze for a long time because if it very cool gelatin to do its business and she just thickens and you do not will be able to spread their
  • 01:31: cakes main feature This icing and the fact that it does not ie crumble when you cut their keys your icing not osypetsya
  • 02:42: mono