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We sew convenient bags and fashionable accessories from denim. Master class  See details »



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  • 00:06: patchwork real art patchwork things sometimes become heirlooms and transmitted from generation to generation they do not go out of fashion and today we We continue to work with denim is exciting occupation connects and feelings tradition and romance distant past and day today get
  • 00:30: pleasure sewing process is not restrain flight your imagination and by comfortable fashion bags jewelry and stylish woven patch do it with us Tatyana Lazareva Hello dear in rows today we
  • 01:01: We continue to work with denim it will work simple but the fabric hard and it is very volume allowances and I I introduce you to universal techniques that facilitate you this work you require scissors flaps variety tissue that suitable composition in the structure Denim needle and strong thread
  • 01:31: sewing machine with stachnym conventional suture and always good I think the mood we will succeed denim dense enough strong but we We work usually but already with the tire fabric which He underwent frequent washing due she became soft and supple plastic you
  • 02:00: required patches Denim and tissue companions which is suitable for color on mood in character with using cardboard template we put drawing on our detail and in accordance with this circuit we connects the two parts with exact stitch in beginning and end lines usually slaughter perpendicular to the seam 2 bulavochki
  • 02:37: and and
  • 03:25: we see
  • 03:35: resourceful Master found yet one way connection jeans cloth and other they do not connect stachnym seam and impose details at each other and then get a very audacious interesting youth surface fringe from the edges of the denim cloth
  • 04:53: see
  • 05:02: they and Yes Here is another patchy acceptance in which is used mosaic assembly cloth scraps not imposed a clear pattern and under any arbitrary angle to each other and I want to draw your note that superimposed
  • 05:30: rags with amazing beautiful edge such as we had on denim Protection
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  • 06:46: for denim can be used conventional machines and needles for the average thickness No. 90 for heavy denim fabrics 100 or 110 but there special machines and needles for denim
  • 07:01: cloth they are interested in their design their sharp tip which piercing the fabric is not break it, and at the same time enough big ear that passes the volume necessary to us thread stitch length used with two half three millimeter and the way first attempts create sewing machine 2
  • 07:30: It refers to the century fifteenth as omnipresent Leonardo Da Vinci created a sewing project machinery but only in 1845 by Elias Howe American patented his invention it formed the basis of Isaac Singer machines who became releasing them exactly in five years, or asshole in court jury proved that in machine-based Singer him invention and to end of life received
  • 08:00: interest on each sold Singer Russian machine or needlewoman too familiar with cars they incidentally Singer made in Russia since 1902 suburban town Podolsk master these simple operation techniques with denim you You can collect or here is a little pocket or huge bottomless beautiful bag it's up to you so
  • 08:32: lacquer pocket nickname was an integral part Russian costume girls often it and decorated especially young people liked girls put here gostinchik walnut cake or something but more substantial Grandma go to the a visit to her grandson sure here could put some delicious gostinchik here and probably is sweet tasty pocket title laconic modern
  • 09:03: wizard works denim They like to use glue nonwovens new generation such as adhesive Nonwoven it the surface is very densely populated like scales denim pieces tight and ironed using iron and then wasted PART simple or decorative Machine stitching in a result of get a very
  • 09:31: fashionable Man-Made fabric which can used for creating jackets bags and corsets accessories your imagination limitlessly and
  • 10:48: if the Americans Jeans have long since become not only working clothes and clothes for the weekend parties but in Europe and the niches came later chewing gum
  • 11:00: with rock 'n' roll and even with success US army huge queues denim fans lined shop and you do not believe the military analogue equipment our voentorg of but secured the success of cinema fifties stunning Marlon Brando Paul Newman film the wildest among all who can stand in 1876
  • 11:31: Philadelphia held Exhibition where particularly popular and visited was Japanese pavilion where Japanese masters with using scraps fabric depicted paving stones or Chinese porcelain cracked Especially popular in the time, this style is still call Victorian because his peak popularity came during the reign Queen Victoria but modern master called his
  • 12:00: crazy translated crazy shred this is crazy beautiful fabric flaps connect without without any rules patterns they form unique bold very decorative surface to which assistance joints that are in reserve your sewing hand machines embroidery stitches soutache cords Tape all that is in your handmade box on all your decorative
  • 12:30: surface and and and
  • 13:01: Well there is
  • 13:32: and and and Yes
  • 14:02: founders fashion in the 15 16th century were German mercenaries mercenaries who with pleasure patched received resulting hole battle brocade and velvet silk captured how to track and find was so interesting that nobles of the time it took to weapons and steel create already deliberately truncated tissue cuts the upper layers to show
  • 14:30: the underlying modern masters this method and the sacred cloth which the shows underlying layers called blue which means hairy furry caterpillar on with him we now get acquainted made all simply you We need several layers 1 to tissue depending on the
  • 15:00: the thickness of the fabric you You can choose and two and three and five as for example, if you want fine texture supple organza then we take a lot of layers easy to thread delayed all layers if the fabric is thick such as denim cloth or some thick cotton then we can take in our case all I take two coats basic jeans fabric as foundation imposed on it
  • 15:31: sparse linen and a piece of matting viscose necessarily need find the main and cross direction yarns why because defining the framework and ducks, we find the angle 45 degrees I did This folded tissue diagonally in this direction we scribble line
  • 16:00: It must take place under 45 degrees distance between lines that we We fill the whole entire surface will be from half centimeters and further in depending on the the distance between lines will different width received fluffy pile than width is greater than the longer bristles and the More shows if the underlying layer you take distance between
  • 16:31: lines half You will centimeter sufficiently dense sometimes with foundation that's for me viewed generally to the art chenille take a dilapidated fabric they easily give thread and therefore education fur facilitates you require scissors special knife for Did he really blue useful because can penetrate any
  • 17:00: the amount of tissue get ready for work and we will show how this done
  • 17:37: Well
  • 18:00: to get thick fluffy fur cloth before Nachesova it is required moisten with water but it It does not apply to angry fabrics which very wet it is difficult to tease You will need a brush brushes with different lengths bristle brush with short suitable for bristled injuring them and easily tissues such as organza or silk but this brush with a long bristles
  • 18:30: suitable for strong and heavy fabrics
  • 19:14: you've probably noticed attention to the fact that line we are clearly laid at an angle of 45 degrees it is very important in this direction pile turns even fluffy and very beautiful but
  • 19:30: if you want experiment you do it more safely you can pave line and in share and in a cross direction but then you get cheeky cheeky extremely beautiful fur I think that stands experiment denim loved worn for a long time but sometimes it wiped or right place suddenly there is such a Hole hole is not
  • 20:00: Lady, I will teach you make beautiful textiles and woven patches you required ordinary cardboard is may be cap jar of cream or some interesting tight circle around which can be of conventional perimeter scissors cut little corners in which will be recorded turns of our yarns as you need normal cotton viscose only truth
  • 20:30: and thread needle with a large eye in order to be was it a day any textile material well, e.g. the same our denim and stripes so you can start to the manufacture of woven patches that thread you use in as the main can be very different fluffy spike wall or ordinary but cotton they are very strong, you commit around
  • 21:00: perimeter of your But the next round stage will be plunging any tekstyrny material in the needle wide eye paving the first a number it must be done necessarily staggered alternating warp yarn and Skips next to complete we have to work very little to take the final Wise bar shears
  • 21:32: boldly cut thread collected on the back our side cartons and tying them in the form of fringe two or three together and then remove from cardboard finished fabrics patch, and remained example, I think that You'll like it
  • 23:00: you and universal image fashion 21st century
  • 23:31: be yourself is an individual style your own handwriting It is fashionable today easy and fashion It begins from the street Imagine that you Pierian spring most creative designers and very will be glad if you This helped our Master Class Be with us all you good to new meetings