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  • 00:03: Hello from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today I will do I bear there's such a mole This teddy bear and I I took white sugar weight painted and and brown in such I paint the gel or pastor pasty
  • 00:32: colored sugar mass and now we do take cooking oil and We need to fluff all of which you can climb everywhere, everywhere, everywhere Witte and so but that He was there with pieces but in general, all well-oiled that was to then all is well I came here
  • 01:02: behind so all now take sugar hands weight also to have greased to you her little lubricates and try Again, small slices all that good good to stick is not necessary
  • 01:31: immediately push large piece needed little by little all this enough now so good good to go all of who you are filled and now
  • 02:00: that we bear ship in fridge freezer somewhere minutes have all I lay there Now freezer we will get first try little need make that departed
  • 02:31: now we will squeeze course if he the soft inside must be left still in we have a little bit to he stood otherwise it when you he'll pull out agree so that's Now all this bear turned possible for him to paint
  • 03:00: black nose and to paint his eyes but I will do then Now I'll put it and let it sit in my and at first he needs arrange because He froze and then he you need to let it dry and here is such a Mishutka and then we him paint the eyes and nose, and it is possible here
  • 03:30: here's legs too Dye and I have a black pen is the food Now that's worth here if there is no visible Repin seen Smith pin it's the food pencil and pen with the help of this food I felt-tip pen I ask spouts painted legs and all
  • 04:00: very easy Here one spoon painted and now Woman is special pen writes on sugar mass here at I have all the colors and even so there are gold
  • 04:32: and nose too hard and so it will be enough Here's a teddy-bear I turn and I wish all good luck and see you soon meetings in my kitchen all while