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How to clean and grease the household sewing machine.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I greet you and I invite my Video Channel Irina son workshops on sewing curtains and swags view right care cleaning and lubrication sewing machine John to begin with take off protective shroud mechanisms for this extract the plug beneath it is screw his gut-wrenching and remove the cover here
  • 00:32: we took cover under it is mechanism immediately draw your attention if you see Here the winding coils such things that is unacceptable look carefully mechanism remove all dust pollution here it is inside the better for it
  • 01:04: use brush for greasing use special oils that eat butter are exactly Sewing machines we put literally one drop at all mechanisms on the rod so leave machine about half an hour then all that we have ie merge drip here on this we remove the platform cloth can be
  • 01:35: cover the top part of that is, we in fact the upper part finished yet One caveat for lubricating and cleaning the top of the typewriter that's how you You see this tensioner thread is that there gets thread ragged dusty and mud for its cleaning unscrew Here is the lower screw and Now this kind of secret
  • 02:05: Now the screw and, behold this meme, we do not touch This mounting of the open mechanism These two screws will remove the mechanism here we are entirely We turned away these two Now screw allot drivers from the thread here thread driver comfortable
  • 02:36: for us position to remove completely the whole area is usually 9 the driver is placed in the upper extreme the top position have you over the wheel the handwheel twist put into the upper position slightly but the ramp So you shoot here site itself with mechanism between here the two cups you are now see
  • 03:06: usually accumulates dust and thread extract and put a mechanism in backwards on a place that is here to example, we pushed These two cups I looked down to there is dirt dust rubbed between them and now you can gear mechanism put in place unscrew any screws is not necessary since
  • 03:36: here are spring they are in tension so then you will difficult to collect fully mechanism back then there it is enough cleaning of you You see the dust and dirt which is located above and in between more I want to show you more just to make it more accessibility and visibility visible mechanism he typewriter mechanism that is smeared These must be here are the details which is located in the interface between
  • 04:07: current of the mechanism we have removed thread tension therefore more available here seen this screw which usually we have property we wander not after this machine will help zapenit so take it seriously so we established mechanism yarn tension site now close lid protection wrap and veins go to bottom parts to
  • 04:38: clean bottom of the cars we must be removed platform open mechanism remove than black we attach side plates are on springs and quietly to extract the carriage This recruit needle
  • 05:09: Claire our correction she is a woman Now from this part here you see that the fluff also necessary clean here she carriage Now we will start clean our car Snezhik for this for our next action will remove and now this site
  • 05:39: mechanism movement for that turns away These two points raise upwards foot and withdrawing plate So we have removed their plate, and as you can see under it is in this the place is always very a lot of dust this dust from the thread by tissue from Latina syntepon they must be very thoroughly clean and remove you also will have access
  • 06:10: down the mechanism that is all here this the dust that's it must be removed wipe clean dry cloth to This position of the machine panama was to more accessible Hummer cleanse all mechanism that can be Gareth rotating it too much can be wipe dry cloth and then
  • 06:40: grease lubricated here it is necessary principle just two or three parts that is here this to Lucy Rabbit moving toward our presser plate, and here I am to you I increase close show up here Now here it is you need to this shaft so we're somewhere literally apple butter there should have absorbing element
  • 07:11: that is, he felt, too, greased with oil and the shaft will always lubrication but it you must do at least 1 times So we drip drop Court and lower weight you all here any longer nothing is not lubricated necessary This abundance of grease too bad figure since at He sits dust sticks with thread Eventually he it
  • 07:41: as the Suez and prevents promotion mechanism that was more clearly evident I'll show you all is in reverse He is going to the right We have put a plate insert into place our plate set It locks in place all left to tie
  • 08:11: on the upper plate two screws put severe in Moscow when is ready to operation of all grease machine finished collecting All machine in reverse the eat all you can do yourself in home and Your machine will much better to sew